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9/26/11 1:39 P

Going back to foods in very small portions, especially if they are going to bore you eventually, is not going to help you at all, in my opinion.

Eventually you'll get bored or frustrated with the food and start sneaking snacks or justifying why you can eat this or the other thing. Paul and I were in that boat, too. We'd lost a good chunk of weight only to put it back on because we craved other things and thought it wouldn't make a difference if we did it once a week. Which became twice a week. Three times. And then we were back to where we were, only higher weights.

Variety in your diet is a good thing. If you're working out in addition to eating healthier it's possible your diet is working and that your body is adjusting. Be patient for a bit longer. Adjust your diet accordingly but don't starve yourself because once you lose the weight it'll be hard to keep it off as you go back to unhealthy food choices.

Best of luck to you!

MMGEIER Posts: 82
9/26/11 1:02 P

Thanks Car58ole, glad I'm not the only one having this problem. I did adjust my calorie intake down to 1000 per day. Due to my MS it's hard to exercise so doing some from sitting in a chair. Once the weight comes off I'm hoping to increase my exercise program.

GAILRUU Posts: 10,209
9/26/11 12:58 P

You need to do what works for you.

CAR58OLE Posts: 718
9/26/11 12:46 P

Sorry for your gain - yes I am in the same boat with you!

I wonder if (for you) your eating requirements are set right... are you eating the right number of calories for your body to lose??

Are you able to exercise??

I know weeks that I don't get any exercise I do not see a loss...

I hope you are able to turn it around - eat healthy and see some results next week emoticon

MMGEIER Posts: 82
9/26/11 12:06 P

Hi all, I have been tracking my food and for two weeks I did the planned meals that suit what i can eat with MS. First i have a hard time eating all that is proposed and have actually gained 5 lbs. I think i need to go back to just salads, fruits, nuts and beans in very small portions. Any suggestions? Thanks much.

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