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3/11/14 12:37 A

There's a video online called "10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight " that was shown on public TV in January. Amongst other things it talks about how dairy isn't something to avoid, that the calcium in dairy helps to eliminates fats, and that a nice hearty thick soup stays in the tummy longer than the same ingredients eaten individually. It isreally interesting video that I strongly recommend. I found it at

If you did it before, you should be able to do it again. Just go back to basics.

Good luck,

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3/10/14 11:05 P

With your lunches mostly at around 100 - 250 calories, I would have to agree with your Nutritionist that your lunches are too small, especially given that she doesn't want you eating snacks because of your history.

My Dietitian 'growled' at me when she saw what I had packed for my lunch. It was very healthy and balanced, but just over 300 calories. She told me it was NOT enough - LOL!

Kris xxx

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3/10/14 10:03 P

ANARIE - My doctor prescribed my an antibiotic for the bacteria infection. Then once those were done, he told me to take a probiotic for the rest of my life. I bought some from the Vitamin Shop. I didn't know that about prebiotic. Good to know. I have been seeing the nutritionist since February. I have been trying to go gluten free, but I'm not 100%, I cheat here and there.

As for cleanses, I have never done one or ever used laxatives. I don't believe in diet pills. I know you can lose weight and be healthy, just by eating right and exercising. For me, it's trying to find what works?

Maybe I should see a therapist? The only time in my life that I felt pretty was when I was thin. I spent most of my life on the heavy side. I know I have a found obsession. I shouldn't, but I do.

As for eating when I ate more, my Husband told me that I'm gaining weight because all I do is eat. I know that they say you should eat more. But ever since I turned 40, I didn't change my calories and the weight has climbed. I was checked for pre-menopause and I am not, (Thank goodness).

I guess I can try to eat more. Maybe bigger lunches or breakfast's? My nutritionist told me to try not to snack between meals because that is where I got out of control. She thinks my lunches are to small.

I'll just keep trying to work it out. I love everyone's advice and opinions. Thank you so much.

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3/10/14 5:54 P

How long ago did your Nutritionist put you on the 1600 calories?

My thoughts are because I read some of your blogs where you had discovered you were at times eating 800 -900 calories etc., and you seemed to have developed an obsessiveness with exercise and what you ate. Given your height and current weight, + your Body Fat %, I think that what is happening is healthy. If your tummy area is problematic to YOU, then perhaps doing something like Pilates which, altho' exercises all muscles in the body, focuses on the deep abdominal core muscles, and that can help tone the tummy which makes it appear flatter. Remember, tho' that "flat" isn't necessarily normal. It is normal to have slight roundness.

This brings me to another issue - after looking at your photo, and reading your posts, I wonder if you are focusing too much on what "YOU" see, rather than what everyone else sees? In this regard it may be that talking with your Dr and asking for a referral to a Therapist who deals with these sorts of issues would be helpful, and far healthier than trying to lose more weight.

Good luck,

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3/10/14 12:06 P

Honestly, if I were your mom and could make you do things, I would say dump the "nutritionist" and spend that money on a strength training class at a place with a reputation for making it fun. If you're at a healthy weight but you don't like the way you look, the solution is strength training, not restrictive dieting. If you build some nice, smooth, girly muscles, you look much better at the same weight. That doesn't mean you get big muscles and start looking manly; women can't do that even if they try unless they use steroids and/or make training a full-time job. Regular strength training mostly works on the deeper muscles that don't show through your skin. If you're girly-muscular, you can be several sizes smaller than someone 20 pounds lighter than you. I'm 5'1", and when I do a minimal amount of strength training, I'll wear a size 0 even though I'm at the top of my healthy weight range.

Another question: Did your doctor give you an antibiotic, or a probiotic? You've mentioned both. You said he gave you an antibiotic because you had "a slight bacteria in my gut," but you're *supposed* to have bacteria in your gut. That's exactly what probiotics are, in fact.

If you're going to keep using the nutritionist, make sure she and the doctor are communicating. By going gluten free, you may have stopped eating what the probiotics need to work. The fiber in certain grains is known as "prebiotic," meaning that it helps feed the good bacteria so they can improve your digestion and keep down the "bad" bacteria, just like having good soil in your garden helps the plants you want to grow and crowds out weeds.

Also, talk to your doctor before you give up yogurt. Yogurt is a good, natural probiotic. If you really did have a bacterial imbalance, you might get a little bit of bloating and gassiness while you're recovering. Again, the doctor can tell you how much is normal.

This is a very personal question and you do NOT have to answer it here, but you should discuss it with your doctor: Did you ever use laxatives or any kind of "cleanse" to try to lose weight? Those tend to damage your natural bacterial balance and can even injure the lining of your intestine, so it's important to be honest with your doctor about that, even if it was only once and years ago.

And you might also get a lot of benefit from seeing a counselor who specializes in eating disorders. I'm not implying that you have an eating disorder, but you are feeling a lot of distress over how your body is acting. A specialist in eating disorders will know as much as any other doctor (maybe more) about whether your weight gain and digestive issues are normal or not, and if it is normal, s/he can help you deal with how that makes you feel. The fact that you think you eat 1600 calories a day but your tracker shows much less also suggests that a counselor could help; you may be restricting yourself more than you realize, and s/he can help you feel more secure about the accuracy of your tracking and even whether tracking is a good idea.

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3/10/14 11:41 A

I'm going to tentatively agree with JustEatRealFood. You should of course check out your thyroid (for many reasons, weight being the least of those) and your body fat (in case suppositions that your recent slight increase in calories is all going to adding muscle are correct, and your body fat is already quite low). However, if neither of those turns out to be an issue (nothing wrong with your thyroid and body fat is at least in the 23-25% range), please do consider you may have been eating too little. All I know is I eat ~500 calories more than you were doing at maintenance despite being 2-3 inches shorter. I know everyone differs somewhat, but that's a sizable one, and it's at least hypothetically possible you managed to slow down your metabolism.

Anyway, that's all still pretty hypothetical. I wanted to mention a couple of things with your last post though.

"DRAGONCHILDE - Do you have a recommendation for a work out video? It's easier for me to follow along then to do it on my own. I have CharLean Xtreme that I did, last year./ I could go back and try that program again? It was mostly strength training.

My calories look low, but there are a few items, that I didn't track, that I ate, like Saturday I went to a wedding reception and had chicken, potatoes, green beans, salad and yes cheesecake and wine. Know clue on calories, and honestly I din't want to know. lol When I cook, which is 90% of the time, I do measure everything out."

This sort of not tracking is only going to be an issue if it's at all frequent. If wedding receptions are only happening a few times a year, then eating significantly more then is completely meaningless as to your overall calorie average.

"Thank you Guys for your support. The one thing I found that is in my diet now that wasn't before is greek yogurt. I know it's good for you, but I don't think it agrees with me. I haven't had it since Thursday, and I lost 2lbs over the weekend and that is without exercise and having cheesecake and wine. I'm going to keep plugging away and see what happens. Maybe yogurt has been the thing that has been hurting me?"

I really doubt it would be the cause of anything other than a bit of water retention (if that), not the kind of long-term gain you've been seeing. Fluctuations over the course of a few days to a week are entirely meaningless. You can gain or lose that much in a few hours or overnight due purely to salt intake, hormones, hydration levels, water retention in your muscles from intense exercise, or a dozen other things.

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3/10/14 11:09 A

There are a ton (seriously, a ton) of free workout videos on Youtube.

Search for stuff like - cardio workout, Zumba, Vinyasa (calorie burning) yoga, Strength training, cardio blast, kickboxing etc.

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3/10/14 9:39 A

DRAGONCHILDE - Do you have a recommendation for a work out video? It's easier for me to follow along then to do it on my own. I have CharLean Xtreme that I did, last year./ I could go back and try that program again? It was mostly strength training.

My calories look low, but there are a few items, that I didn't track, that I ate, like Saturday I went to a wedding reception and had chicken, potatoes, green beans, salad and yes cheesecake and wine. Know clue on calories, and honestly I din't want to know. lol When I cook, which is 90% of the time, I do measure everything out.

Thank you Guys for your support. The one thing I found that is in my diet now that wasn't before is greek yogurt. I know it's good for you, but I don't think it agrees with me. I haven't had it since Thursday, and I lost 2lbs over the weekend and that is without exercise and having cheesecake and wine. I'm going to keep plugging away and see what happens. Maybe yogurt has been the thing that has been hurting me?

3/10/14 8:40 A

I know this will sound strange but I don't think you're eating enough.

BMR - Basal metabolic rate, and the closely related resting metabolic rate, is the amount of energy expended daily by humans and other animals at rest.

I punched in female, 5'11", 160lbs, 40 years old, moderately active into a calculator and it told me this was your BMR

"According to your measurements, you need 2313.86 calories to keep your typical activity level going without any weight change. If you exercise or do activities beyond normal levels you will need to add calories to your diet to maintain your weight.

Your BMI is great. Lifting very heavy weights will help your body "compact".

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3/10/14 8:27 A

If you're gaining that much in inches, it's probably *water* retention... not fat.

I looked at your trackers. What I saw was *not* 1600 calories. I saw a lot of processed food, too, which can be very high in sodium. You're averaging 1200-1300 calories, and some days even less. I saw at least two days that appeared to be fully tracked that were only 900 calories!

I suspect you're not being honest with yourself about your actual intake. Break out the measuring cups and scale, measure and weigh everything. No more guesstimating. KNOW.

What kind of exercise are you doing regularly? If you're not strength training, start. It will help you look and feel so much better, and while in itself won't cause you to lose weight, (that's done through diet) you will not regret it. And I mean *real* strength training... not a JM video... her stuff is primarily cardio. Even her "strength" videos.

If you're having muffin top? Buy pants that fit your *Current* body. Muffin top isn't caused by being fat, it's caused by pants that don't fit you!

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3/10/14 7:34 A

I always calculate low in case I missed something. I had a few things that I had no clue what it was, so I put it in my notes.

No, I'm not getting muscle. I went up 3 sizes in my clothes. Ugh! I'm just going to keep trying. I'm going to try to limit my dairy and see how that goes, My diet is almost the same as it was 5 years ago, The little changes I made, is what I am going to figure out.

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3/10/14 7:19 A

I noticed quite a few days under 1000calories on your tracker.

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3/10/14 7:18 A

You BMI is 22.73, which is normal, and I just wanted to add that if you are healthy, and active, that maybe you have added some muscle. Is that a possibility?

I guess you will be most likely to tell by clothing. with 26 lbs. gained, if you are still at same size, or up one, then you most likely didn't gain it as fat. It was healthy weight gain.

Last of all, I would see if any of the " healthy " foods you added might be a problem. Some people have problems with dairy, too much fiber, gluten etc, and they swell up from this. Simply dropping the dairy, or gluten, can fix the problem. I know that even when I dropped weight, I wasn't as healthy with my diet the whole time. It progressed to cutting carbs, then adding in more veggies, nuts, cheese, and beans. All different steps, where things changed in my diet. So IF one thinks my diet today is healthy, it has had many phases. Yours may have too, and the last few changes could be problems, and easily corrected, if identified.

Same thing with exercise. I started upping exercise after 1 year on low carb, and have been adding since. I stall weight loss every time I jump weight, or time, but I can see myself getting leaner, and can see more veins, so I have a visual thing to let me not be concerned about the temporary stall on the scale. You could have something similar happening, if you are increasing exercise. If you don't have veins showing due to females having higher fat percentage, you may not see this, but you might have gained 10 lbs., and the pants, or dresses fit better.

Hope you figure everything out. If you still think it is a problem with the diet, I would compare today's diet to 5 years ago, and make a decision on whether you need to make changes. If your goal is to weight 150 for example, then something about the new diet doesn't work as well as the old one. Bottom line is, the old diet worked, and although the new one is " healthy ", it may not be working for you. You probably want to split the difference, since the old diet seemed to work too good. 137 was pretty thin, don't you think?

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3/10/14 6:46 A

At 25%, you're at the very low end of the "acceptable" range for body fat. I'm not sure how old you are, but those results are even better as you age. I think it's good that you are tracking your food again, and maybe you just need to give it a little more time before deciding what you're doing isn't working since it's only been a few weeks (of tracking).

Coach Jen

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3/10/14 6:39 A

Coach Jen, I had a caliper test done at the gym.

I did track when I was losing weight and did it for 4 years, but then I stopped, but I have been back to tracking the past few weeks. Back then I ate normal food, just cut portions. Now I eat way healthier, lots and lots of veggies and water. It's so strange. Everyone tells me, you are the healthiest person I know, I don't get how you can be gaining?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,060
3/10/14 6:34 A


Have you had your body fat tested to know it's at 25%? If so, what method was used?

Coach Jen

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/10/14 5:09 A

Were you tracking 5 years ago? If so, go back and take a look at your meal plans. Our plans tend to veer off plan at times. I understand the worry of being back within 12 lbs of where you started, but you are also probably only about 12 lbs over a healthy weight.

So don't panic yet, see if your menu matches what you ate while losing, and see if maybe you can go back to what you were eating then, or at least follow the principles you were following.

I don't agree with the idea that 1400-1600 calories is too much, and if you are gaining, cut more. You are 5'11 163 lbs. I am 20 lbs. heavier than you and losing okay on 2,200 calories, and have a Sparkfriend who is 125 lbs, who eats around 2000 calories. Don't cut calories, unless you are sure it is the reason you are gaining. 1600 calories a day is not much, especially if you are active.

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3/9/14 10:36 P


I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it is mathematically impossible to lose 60 pounds by the end of May. It cannot be done. It's not a reasonable goal; no one your size could do it, no matter how hard they tried.

In order to lose a pound, your body has to use about 3500 calories more than you eat. That means that in order to lose 60 pounds, you would have to use up at least 210,000 calories more than you eat. There are 83 days left until May 31. You would have to burn an extra 2530 calories each and every day.

Your body probably burns about 2000 calories a day when you're not exercising. It takes some calories just to breathe, keep your body temperature steady, keep your heart beating, fidget, think, and so on. But you also have to eat to stay alive. No woman can stay healthy on less than 1200 calories of food, and at your age and size, you probably need 1500. Otherwise you don't get enough protein, calcium, iron, etc, and you get sick. So if you eat the absolute minimum of 1200, you will need to exercise enough to burn at least 1730 calories per day. You would have to walk more than 4 hours a day to burn that much. (And you would probably be too weak to do that if you only ate 1200 calories.) It's pretty impossible to spend 4 hours a day exercising under any circumstances, but it's definitely not possible to do while you're trying to get ready for a wedding. And if you're doing anything like cake tastings or bridal showers with refreshments, you would have to take those calories into account in addition.

You probably can lose half that much if you work very hard, but 20 pounds is a much, much more reasonable goal for the 12 weeks or so that you have left. Focus on eliminating junk food and eating more fruit and vegetables and lean protein (like chicken and fish); then you will not only lose weight, but you'll have healthier hair, skin, and nails. (Most people find that eating fruit and vegetables clears up their skin.) You won't be thin in time for your wedding no matter what you do, but you can be healthy and beautiful and making progress on your weight.

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3/9/14 10:29 P

Well for weight, my body fat is at 25%. I just hate the muffin top and my thighs. None of my clothes fit me anymore. I know 137 is low, but I would just be happy at 144 - 150. What worries me is the 2 - 4lbs I gain a month. It's just so frustrating.

My Nutritionist is certified. She is pretty famous here in the Bay Area where I live. I think she told me to go gluten free so I would stop the mindless snacking. Plus there is that whole thing about wheat belly. Since I went gluten free (most of the time), my stomach is flatter and oddly enough I don't crave sugar at all, which is shocking for me. When I have something sweet, I think yuck and toss it. I think those were the reasons behind going gluten free.

Thank you everyone for your help and advice! Thanks Coach Jen!!

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3/9/14 10:21 P

SHELBSYD - do you know if your Nutritionist is qualified? .... a Registered Dietitian?

Also, I am interested in this:
" Nutritionist said 1600. So I have had no gluten,...."

Is there a problem that you CAN'T have gluten? I note you mentioned your "digestive doctor"


ANARIE Posts: 12,937
3/9/14 9:45 P


There's nothing wrong with you.

At 5'11" and 137 pounds, you were underweight for an adult white woman. That would be an appropriate weight for a teenage girl of Asian heritage, but people of European descent have more bone, blood, and other lean tissue. A weight of 165ish would put you in the middle of the healthy range. You would have to get up to 180 to be overweight. Eating healthy foods in the proper calorie range doesn't automatically lead to weight loss; it leads to healthy weight normalization. It's very likely that this is the first time in years you've been meeting your basic nutritional needs, so your body is building healthy muscle.

Please follow Coach Jen's suggestion about getting a body composition test. One way to do this is by getting one of the full-body bone scans. If you have insurance, it will probably pay for it because you have been dieting a lot and you have been underweight. Those things put you at high risk for osteoporosis. Getting a bone scan can determine whether your bones are damaged, and it also gives body fat percentage information.

Weighing more isn't always bad. If the weight is made up of bone, muscle, blood, and organs instead of fat, being in the middle of your healthy range is healthier and safer than being at the bottom. It sounds like probably your body is doing its job-- putting on weight to keep you strong as you mature.

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3/9/14 5:30 P

I struggled with continued weight gain and had all the symptoms of thyroid deficiency but the TSH test always registered as normal. This went on for years until I became so ill that my kidneys started to shut down and so when they finally tested my Free T3 and Free T4 the doctors realized that I was severely hypothyroid. So if you really believe the issue is thyroid have them test you beyond the standard TSH test which actually measures how your pituitary secretes thyroid hormone not whether your body utilizes thyroid hormones. I was put on medication and in 6 months lost 32 pounds without changing my diet or exercise. Two years later I gained 22 pounds in one month. The doctors realized that my thyroid had completely stopped functioning and my dosage was adjusted. I lost some of the weight but it continues to be a battle to lose and to keep the pounds off. Keeping weight stable with low thyroid will always be something I will struggle with so I will likely have to track my food and exercise for life. Keep tweaking your nutrition and exercise but if you are convinced something else is going on, don't stop advocating for your health and do ask for a Free T3 & T4 test to rule out thyroid issues.

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3/9/14 8:10 A


Have you ever had your body fat tested to know how close you are to the healthy range? You said you got down to 137 at one point, but that sounds low for being 5'11. A body fat test is going to be a better indicator of health vs. a number on the scale. One reason your body could be fighting you so much is because the weight you were trying to maintain is a little low based on your height and frame size.

Coach Jen

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3/8/14 11:59 P

JAZZIEJENNINGS - " .... lose 60lb by May 2014 I will be getting married on June 22, 2014."

That is an AWFUL big ask, and certainly not a healthy time-frame That is too much, too soon.

You also ask "Do you think by me not eating healthy foods it's going to slow my weight lost?" Well, yes it DOES matter and for a number of reasons, two of which are below.

1. You want to be healthy, not run the risk of being sick from nutritional deficiencies

2. You want to look radiant on your wedding day. A healthy diet and some exercise will do wonders in that department.

Even if you have only lost 10-15lb by your wedding day in June, you will have done much to improve your overall appearance. There is nothing like radiant hair and healthy looking skin to glow through :-) You will also ensure that by slowing own your weight-loss, you will have more energy. You don't want to be drained on your wedding day, do you?

By doing a variety of exercises, and NOT going overboard, you will tone your muscles, which will give the appearance of having lost some weight. Pilates is particularly good at helping with appearance - it helps with the deep abdominal and lower back muscles, improves posture and improves your breathing technique. That helps heaps.

If you feel you need to, just remember that there are plenty of choices with undergarments that help to keep things looking good emoticon

Good luck,

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3/8/14 11:57 P

I'm 5'11 and I always stuck around 1400 calories and my Nutritionist said 1600. So I have had no gluten, mostly vegetables with lean protein and eggs. In January I started to take a probiotic pill, Omega 3 pill and a multivitamin. Do you think any of those would cause weight gain? Maybe the probiotic? My digestive doctor wanted me to take the probiotic everyday. Those are the only things that I added into my diet.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/8/14 11:37 P

@ JAZZIEJENNINGS you said "I'm trying to lose 90lbs by September 2015 but I want to lose 60lbs my May 2014."

You mean this May, 2 months from now, you want to lose 60 lbs? Or next May, 2015?

I am assuming next May?

Next May is 15 months from now - which would put you on track to lose less than 5 pounds per months, which is very doable. A loss of 4.5 pounds per month x 15 months = 67.5 pounds.

If you bumped up you goal to 6 pounds per month (very possible to do if you track your food every day and stay in your SP range), you would lose the 90 pounds by May of 2015.

The single best way to ensure weight loss is to get your SP range, and stick to it. The best way to stick to it is to track your food every day :)

Chances are, if you are eating unhealthy, you are not eating in your range. The only way to find to track.

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3/8/14 11:15 P

Depending on how tall you are, it COULD be that the 1600 calories is too much. I am just on 5' 6" (WAS just over 5' 7") anyway, I normally ate between 1650-1850 calories a day, of very healthy food with lots of fruit/veges and some lean protein. My weight was slowly gaining over the years, and I could never figure out why. I ended up starting to push 100kg - NOT something any woman would be proud of.

Anyway, because of skeletal issues, and cholesterol and HbA1c prob's my Dr referred me to a Dietitian. I took some printouts from my Nutrition Tracker (I weigh ALL of my food for increased accuracy and enter it all in there), and she told me that what I was eating is what a lot here would normally put someone my weight, etc., on to lose weight. It wasn't for me. She had to drop the calories to 1400 (no range) for the weight to start to come off. It was a slow process but one that worked well. I lost 50lb in the first 16 months, and happily sat there for a year before deciding to move on down again.

One thing that I did all that time was to transfer the calories over to a Spread Sheet, which also had 2 columns for exercise, and one for general comments, with things like extra hungry; poor sleep; out all day; fatigue; etc.

One of the exercise columns is for walks, and the other is for things like Pilates. Every now and then I would average the calories and discovered that if I eat over 1600 calories average, I start to gain again. My Dietitian finds the Spreadsheet very helpful, and really saves heaps of time.

I suggest that you do the same!

The other thing that I would be inclined to think has been taken into account - have you been put on any new medication, OR a new brand of a same medication? That can sometimes impact on us, too!

Good luck with finding your cause/cure!

JAZZIEJENNINGS SparkPoints: (2,961)
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3/8/14 11:06 P

OK so far I lost 2lbs. I'm not on a nutrion diet I eat anything but small portions, I'm trying to lose 90lbs by September 2015 but I want to lose 60lbs my May 2014. Do you think by me not eating healthy foods it's going to slow my weight lost? I do lose then gain that's by the scale tho.. I can tell I lost more than 2lbs. I also do fitness 6 times a week. An I stay in my calories I never went over. I need answers Thank You ;-)

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/8/14 7:05 P

I do low gi "diet" (slow carb). I like it a lot, but maybe it's because I like the food? lol

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3/8/14 7:00 P

Not thyroid, other hormones. Did you have a cortisol test done? I spoke with a woman today who was having gaining issues and she did the Optimal Health for Life plan (low glycemic menus) and dropped 40lbs in 4 months by stabilizing her insulin. No she was not diabetic and low glycemic diets have been floating around. She is using their foods so many people are successful when using packaged meals. I know for overweight children the low glycemic menus are also recommended. I don't have any personal experience....I don't really like the foods on the low glycemic lists. But something to check out. I have been "plateaued" for 6 months following major 3 in 1 stomach surgery. I have been freaking out. I would be beyond freaking out if I was gaining while eating and exercising correctly. I am going to be following this thread and see if you discover anything. The human body is soooo weird!!!!

NIRERIN Posts: 13,320
3/8/14 5:50 P

how tall are you? how old are you? and have you ever had your bodyfat percentage tested?
let's start with the tall. if you're 5' tall, being 175lbs is a lot. if you're 6' tall. 175lbs isn't so much a big deal. and the spectrum runs just about how you think it would between the two. the shorter you are, the lower your weight should be and the taller you are the more likely it is that a higher weight will suit you. so if you're nearly 6' tall, it might just be that the 140 number is too low for you, particularly if you exercise.
which brings me to point three, or your bodyfat. if you're already in the low 20% range, then you're going to have issues going lower without essentially training like a professional athlete or becoming a bodybuilder. basically the low 20% area is where most women want to be. if you are already there at the higher weight then that means you simply don't have the weight to lose. if you're in the upper 20s or 30% range, you do have some to lose. when you work out a lot, you typically have more muscle mass. when you have more muscle mass you tend to see a higher number on the scale. it's not necessarily a bad thing.
i will also say this about when i start to put on muscle mass. i put on an undercoat of muscle first and then the flubby bits above it burn off. and it's not a few week process or even a few month process, at least for me. so i will go up an inch or two before i go back down.
how are you weighing yourself? are you weighing first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom but before eating or drinking anything? and are you only comparing weights on the same scales? in other words your doctor's office weight to your doctor's office weight or your home scale to your home scale? because every scale tends to be just a little off of other scales. couple that with comparing your weight with as little extra added as possible [am bathroom weight] with your doctor's office weight [when you've likely had fluid, not gone to the bathroom and are wearing a lot of clothes, to say nothing of what you've eaten] is apples and oranges.
when you were maintaining in the 140s how many calories were you eating? how does that number relate to 1600?

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3/8/14 3:37 P

Ok - for both previous posters:

Do track your calories consistently every day and stay in your range?

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3/8/14 2:04 P

I don't have any advice but I'm in the same boat. I could have nearly written that myself. I have gone up as much as 6 pounds in 1 week....figured it HAD to be water weight, but NOPE! My weight has just kept climbing. Four years ago I lost 30 pounds and kept it off for 2 years until I took 1 depo shot that started my downward spiral. Those shots only last 3 months and that was 2 years ago so I know its not affecting me now in any way but I'm so frustrated.....I am only seeing the scales go up and up no matter how hard I try. I've never been this heavy in my life and I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror without being fully clothed. I know one of my biggest problems is allergies.....I'm allergic to everything and it drags my body down so I'm always reaching for snack with carbs and caffeine to give me a quick pick me up. I do take allergy medicine and it does help the allergies but it ALSO makes me sleepy so there again, I'm reaching for a snack of carbs of caffeine for that quick pick me up. Not surprisingly, this cycle has led to a HUGE weight gain. Hang in there and keep trying....hopefully we'll both find something that helps soon! Btw, I have gained 15 lbs just in the last 4 months so you are definitely not alone and I have also had my hormones, thyroid, etc checked and all were fine.

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Hi Everyone,

I am so frustrated I could cry! About 5 years ago I weighed 175lbs. I joined Sparks and got down to 137. I stayed around the low 140's for a couple of years and starting about 2 years ago I started to gain weight. I gained 13lbs in one summer. I went to the doctors and I was tested for thyroid, nothing came up. A year later (this year), I went to the doctors in November and the doctor said you gained a little. Last year I joined a gym, went 3 - 4 days a week and worked out for an hour and still gained weight. She said that my weight was fine. But you don't go from 137 to 156 in a year. I was tested again for thyroid and still nothing. She sent me to a digestive doctor and he tested me for lactose, fructose and gluten free. My tests came back negative. He gave me an antibiotic because he said I had slight bacteria in my gut. As of January 1st I was 157. I went to a nutritionist and she put me on a gluten free diet and one serving of fruit a day and said to eat 1600 calories a day. I did that for a month and gained 4lbs. When I went back to the nutritionist she said it might be water weight, don't worry about , keep up with the diet. Now it's been two weeks later and I am now 163. I have been eating pretty clean and I have been doing the Jillian Micheals Ripped in 30. I lost 1/4" around my boobs, but gained more weight and I gained an inch in my stomach and thighs.

I don't know what is wrong with me? I don't know where else to turn. How can I gain 4lbs in a month? The scale does not go down at all, just keeps climbing. I'm so scared what I will look like in a year from now. If I gained 1lbs a month, fine, but 3 - 4 or 5? What do I do??? I'm freaking out!!

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