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1/7/14 11:11 A


There's absolutely nothing wrong with you. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to "gain" weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope. it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. That two pounds is also nothing more than a temporary water weight gain. I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight.

As you lose weight, you're going to see many fluctuations on the scale. And you know what ? That's perfectly normal.

In short, you too are normal.

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1/7/14 10:56 A


Nothing is wrong with you...that's very normal. Here is some information that you may benefit from.

Keep up the great work. Your efforts will make a difference in the long run.

Be well,

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nothing is wrong. A slight gain from water retention (a side effect of starting exercise) is extremely common and normal.

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1/7/14 10:51 A

Probably nothing.

If you have been within your daily calorie range, even at the highest number, you are not gaining "weight".

You are either gaining muscle (from your exercising), or retaining water (sodium - even hidden sodium - time of month, excess sugars - again could be hidden in processed foods - not enough H2O.)

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1/7/14 10:39 A

I have been keeping track of my calories and exercising 30 minutes every day. I go to weigh myself this morning and I gained 2 pounds. I was hoping to have lost 2 pounds.

What is wrong with me?!?!

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