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MLAN613 Posts: 18,223
10/11/11 1:45 P

I really work at my gym and LOVE it. I enjoy the customers and my co-workers and I get a free membership. My husband gets a discounted one but he never uses it.

I am one of the few part time staffers who also exercises there. I think it helps me get to know our customers better. Between exercising there and working there, it's close to full time, I bet.

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SCOOTCH71 Posts: 88
10/11/11 12:47 A

Can't believe your weight loss! EXCELLENT JOB! Keep up the good work! How in the WORLD did you do it?! emoticon (Speaking to Redshoes, below..)

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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
10/11/11 12:38 A

I like that idea. Right now I'm doing a challenge to fit in 1500 min. this month - and since I'll be out of town for 3 days of the month it's a pretty tight fit so I'm really focused on my workout time. Next month, I may very well take on that "part-time" job.

Sunshine Girl, I like your imaginary lap band, too. Both approaches are pretty creative.

For myself, since I get hives from certain foods and have learned (the hard way) to avoid them, I've mentally expanded that list - I tell myself that consuming certain foods has unpleasant physical consequences and stay away from them, too. Amazingly enough, I've not had a break out of "fat hives" in quite a while :)


SCOOTCH71 Posts: 88
10/10/11 11:57 P

40 lbs.???!!! Good 4 U Sunshinegirl! That's excellent! How'd ya do it? (And I know it wasn't the extra part time job you picked up! LOL.

10/10/11 11:49 P

What was I thinking? I said I didn't know if I could convince myself going to the gym was a part-time job, but I gave myself a pretend lap-band. *thump on head* Yeah, that is totally doable. In fact, I might join you!

X5X52000 Posts: 6,015
10/10/11 11:48 P


SCOOTCH71 Posts: 88
10/10/11 11:41 P

Again..the motivation? LOL. When that cashier held up my size 18 jeans to fold them and I was like, "Daaaaaaamn! Those jeans are HUGE!!!!!" LMAO!! It was then, and only then, I was like, Okay, time to do something, and, like, start TOMORROW!!! emoticon

10/10/11 11:28 P

Sounds like a great idea. Not sure if I could convince myself, but maybe it'll work for you! :-)

LAHERMAN Posts: 749
10/10/11 11:10 P

I think I need to get a second job! Thanks for the motivational idea!

NEWKAREN43 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/11 11:04 P

I think ANY mindset that gets you to the gym or to work out is a benefit to you. If you have to trick yourself into it...go for it. Now, get to work!!! Te he! emoticon

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/11 11:00 P

Where I am going to the gym, the competition to get a job is tough.. My gym also takes in students from the local Sports Academy.. They are doing educations to be sports instructors in many sectors.. The other jobs are part time and usually washing the machines and checking the toilets are also done by these kids doing their educations.. Sometimes our international handbold gals also do stuff at the gym- their club has been doing alterations to their training complex so they invade the gym I go to because of it's steer size..
I already do up to 10kms with my main job- am looking for something a little more senditary as a b-job.. I body build also so am at the gym enough already..

SCOOTCH71 Posts: 88
10/10/11 10:33 P

I have come to a conclusion of something that may work for me, and maybe for many of you, too! :) So, after not taking myself so seriously after today's jean shopping extravaganza, ( I could do NOTHING but LAUGH!) I think if I treat going to the gym as my 2nd job, and I don't have options, that may work. There just is no other choice at this point. I don't have any other option! Hopefully this will work. Hey- CONSIDER THIS: with our jobs, we don't feel like going sometimes, but we have to. We have to show up, we have to perform and do things we don't feel like doing. So, this is my 'new' part time job. Wadda you all think? :)

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