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7/26/13 7:09 P

Hello. I also am on third week of advanced program.
I too feel this is the best program for my body.
Body weight, natural movements, cardio and also strengthening.
It feels like doing a sport!! It helps me feel strong, helps me be consistent, helps my mental determination, helps me keep better track of my nutrition.
And it is well designed and safe aiming to work ur body, not show off (i'm a bit pissed at the insanity program)
Anyway, I found that u must never omit the warmout and ESPECIALLY the cooldown. Also never omit the stretching day. I sometimes like to squeeze the stretch program whenever I feel extra sore.

Good luck to u both.

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4/5/13 11:35 A

Has anyone else tried this program?

My husband and I are on day 17 of GSP's RushFit program and I have to say, this has to be my favorite way to exercise so far. It's has elements of high intensity interval training, cardio combined with weights and body weight exercises, with some MMA style moves. The program comes with various dvds, a nutrition guide, a workout guide, and 3 training schedules for beginner, intermediate and advanced. We started on beginner since this is new to us. It is an 8-week program but I see us continuing on and the website has a blog and information on how to continue the program based on your level, mixing elements of the next level up until you are ready to move up. If anyone is interested, here is the website:

We got it on sale on Amazon when they did a "daily deal" type special, it may still be cheaper there than the real website, but I noticed the website has deals once in a while as well so keep an eye out! :)

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