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1/12/13 7:39 P

I would love a buddy! I have no one to talk to this about and would like to get to know you better.


LISSA1976 Posts: 765
1/12/13 5:00 P

A lot of the posters below are right. There was a big study done that said people lost more weight and felt much less deprived when their answers were they don't eat that as opposed to they can't eat that, whatever it was. I doesn't matter the reason, maybe it makes you feel sluggish, maybe it makes the weight stick, maybe as in my case a million things gives you a rash. My medical issues are different than yours, but that is how I have dealt with this new thing, and so far it has helped me a great deal. I don't eat whole grain, chocolate, broccoli, leafy great vegetables, salmon, anything canned, and it goes on an on due to a severe allergy I was finally diagnosed with in October after feeling like crap for a year. At first I felt deprived until I changed my thinking from can't to don't, even saying it aloud when someone offers something. Let me know if you would like a buddy to go on the don't road with you. :)

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1/12/13 4:09 P

Actually we eats lots of fruits and veggies. My daughter loves to eat raw veggies, so keep them ready to go. I always have a bowl of fruit in frig to go, too. And my chicken the other night was a rotissere, which I love (but not when I wanted some pizza). And for the salad, well it would have been good if I haven't been eating a salad almost everyday. And yes, I eat different types of salads. No salad for me today!

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
1/12/13 11:30 A

"THe skinny girl at my office is on a diet, too. And she has lost the same amount as me in the same time. She is doing the no carb thing, ugh! She is eating a ton of food and the most unhealthy stuff! Not fair! She only needs to loose another 5 pounds. At this rate her diet will be over in a couple weeks."

These types of comparisons and such negativity are going to sabotage your efforts in the long run. You can't compare yourself or your journey to someone else. You are your own unique body type and metabolism. You have to find a way to accept that and work within those parameters for long-lasting success. For changes that stick, it is best to get out of the diet mentality. You can't lose weight depriving yourself, then go back to your previous habits and expect those changes to stick. If the girl at the office eats carbs again in a couple of weeks (and don't get me started on the pitfalls of no carb dieting), she will quickly find herself putting back on the pounds.

Instead of focusing on who you aren't and what you can't have, focus on what you can have and enjoy. Why can't you enjoy your salad and chicken instead of shoveling it down? There are many tasty ways to prepare healthy foods so it doesn't have to be bland or boring. Once you start making healthier food choices, you will begin to see changes in how you feel and how your body responds to those choices. Your tastes actually change. I can't even stand most frozen or restaurant meals because they taste way too salty to me, which they are. Companies spend millions on research that creates products people crave and it is hard to "deprogram" that conditioning.

Also, I don't understand why you think eating healthy fare would be "punishing" your family. Highly processed foods like bacon, white bread and potato chips aren't the best choices for anyone, regardless if they currently have weight problems or not. They are nice treats, but they shouldn't be staples. Is your family eating enough fruits and vegetables? They provide the nutrients that everyone needs, not just dieters.

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1/12/13 10:18 A

don't tell yourself that you can't have it... change the voice in your head to say you don't want it ... it works for me i think because of the little kid inside that automatically wants to rebel when she hears can't..LOL

1/12/13 9:27 A

Thank you all. I feel like I want to respond almost as a rebutal to all of you, then I realize they are just excuses. You are all right, and I know it. This sin't my first time at weight loss. It's just how you feel in the moment. And actually, I notice the weight loss. My tummy is smaller already and I have now fit 2 pair of pants that I had to quit wearing about 6 months ago. And I think I see it in my neck and face already. I am feeling better about it all this morning, was just in a bad mood. I still don't completely think they have to eat what I do. They are not unhealthy, overweight, or over indulge. I should have pointed out earlier I have hypothyroidism and this makes it harder for me to loose weight. For years now, I have chosen the "light options" and done portion control on the unhealthy foods. My endcronologists says I am one of her "smaller" patients (and she doesn't mean height, I am 5'7"). I know that to truly loose weight I have to be very strict. I think that is what frustrates me, I feel that everyone else has more options.
THe skinny girl at my office is on a diet, too. And she has lost the same amount as me in the same time. She is doing the no carb thing, ugh! She is eating a ton of food and the most unhealthy stuff! Not fair! She only needs to loose another 5 pounds. At this rate her diet will be over in a couple weeks.

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1/12/13 7:36 A

Personally, I didn't notice I lost weight until I lost closer to 20 lbs. Those close to me said they started noticing it in my face at around 10 lbs loss. The closer you get to your goal weight the more 5 lbs will make a noticeable difference but in the beginning it could take more weight loss to really see a difference, if that makes sense.

In the beginning it was also very hard when my husband ate things that didn't mesh with my new lifestyle but I eventually figured out how to fit little treats and indulgences in without going over board. And with time, that urge when I saw others eating those things became less intense. I learned to love my healthier choices. I had to remind myself that my husband is an active 6'4 male and I am a petite 5'2 female. So I can't expect to eat even close to as much as him without packing on pounds.

I must say, I checked out your nutrition tracker and you're doing a wonderful job. All these changes are difficult in the beginning but with time and perserverence you will learn to prefer these foods over less healthier choices. You may even start to inspire your husband to make little changes to his lifestyle too. My husband has been a lot more conscience of what he's eating since I started.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
1/12/13 12:53 A

Congrats on losing 5 pounds! Don't worry if no one else is noticing. You're doing this for you, not for publicity.
It really sounds like you're giving up a lot of stuff! You don't have to eliminate foods from your diet in order to lose weight. I still had pizza and chips today. I just ate less than I normally would have.
The point of this is not to diet, but to change your lifestyle. If you feel like you can't go the rest of your life without bacon, or potato chips, then maybe eliminating them isn't for you. Don't be discouraged! I too am a big eater. It's hard, but part of the work for me was to actually concentrate on whether or not I was hungry. I still keep eating sometimes just because it tastes so darn good, even if I'm full, my reasoning being that it still fit into my calorie range, but I am getting better at recognizing it, and I even threw food away, which is almost a source of anxiety for me.

I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it, and you are worth the effort! Don't give up!

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1/11/13 10:08 P

People hadn't started to notice my weight loss until I had lost quite a few kg. I felt it before they could see it! It wasn't until my clothes were getting waaaaay to baggy on me that the penny dropped with them. They DID notice earlier tho' that I was looking good, and commented on it, but they just didn't know why - LOL!

As a word of caution, be wary of those fast losses! Undoubtedly the bulk of your initial loss was fluid and is not uncommon - and after than comes the true weight-loss - it should be slower and mostly steadily down altho' at times you will find that it will go up slightly. When this happens, don't beat yourself up for it because it is perfectly normal. Our weight naturally goes up/down over the course of the day.

Good luck,

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1/11/13 8:31 P

It takes quite awhile for the pounds to show. I know like it seems forever to lose them, but it does take your body time to show it. For me, I did not really see any change until I lost about 15 pounds. After I lost my 25, I had only gone down 2 sizes and felt shocked. It does pay off, but give it some time.

As far as the family goes, you can eat healthy and have it taste good as well. If you are the cook, then you make things in a healthier manner. I eat almost anything still, but I tend to go with the less calorie option. There is nothing you can't have really. I would talk to your hubby and ask him to be supportive. As a mom, I want my kids to eat healthy. I have a lot of individual packaged snacks because I find if the package is open, I wanna eat it all. Take time to research recipes here on sparkpeople. You will be pleasantly surprised what you are able to change up a bit. I would not make them anything different, just eat it differently. For example, if you eat hamburgers, use turkey meat and skip the bun. If you eat pizza, pick a lean cuisine or an lower calorie one. Buy center cut bacon, it is less fat. I eat bacon, bread, and chips. If this it to be a life change, you have to do things you can sustain. Feeling deprived is not going to last long.

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1/11/13 6:33 P

Hi Lori,

Healthy living is a way of life and if you allow the scale or others to determine your success you may find yourself throwing in the towel when the changes are slow to come. This journey isn't about deprivation, but moderation. That being said, healthy livng is fro everyone, including your husband and children. Know that that you don't have to be hungry to lose weight, nor should we use food to deal with the emotions of daily living.

SparkPeople Healthy Lifestyle Resource Center has lots of great resources and articles that may help you as well.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

1/11/13 6:19 P

I am on day 4 and lost 5 pounds! Yeah for me! Wouldn't you think I'd be happy? No one has noticed yet, no one is encouraging me, and I want bad food! And alot of it! I am a big eater, so to stay in my calorie range I feel like I am not able to have anything I really want or I would run out of points and starve. I hungry as it is.
Then, my hubby calls me at work and requests for dinner something I feel I can't have. I ask him to reconsider and he said he'd really like to have it, though. I feel bad punishing the rest of the family, so I agree to it. Then he asks me to buy bacon, bread and potato chips on way home. Love all that! So, I turned immediately cranky. I'm shoveling my chicken and salad down my throat like I'm starving to death because they are eating what I really want and I'm not. These are the feelings that usually cause me to give up. I've had such a great weight loss first week and too ticked to care!

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