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3/15/13 8:04 A

Good luck on your wedding as well!!! It is so fun that I am not alone in this thing

He is a sports nut, me not so much, but I DO love the action in it and I rather love to watch things live than on TV.. the main reason we chose that venue was that he is a professional pryo (he does professional fireworks) so we spend A LOT of time doing firework shows and me helping with the crowd control... It was just one of the many places we spend a lot of our time together at and have a blast doing it..they gave us an awesome deal which we could not refuse :-)) Plus, I love weddings and what not, but sometimes spending so many hours in a plain reception hall is not that fun... this way.. if people want to leave they can, if they want to stay for the game after the reception they can.. We are very active in life and love exploring things hahaha.

Thank you so much for the suggestions, this site has so much to offer and I have not been able to spend time on this yet as I would like..
Loosing you can do it and if there's ways I can help or whatever I would be happy to help motivate if I can.. 16 more weeks and it is coming up fast!! LOL

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VENART Posts: 110
3/15/13 7:58 A


I'm getting married the week before you and have less to lose, but I'm doubting I'll even get to my goal of 12 mroe lbs off by 22 June! My weight loss is always PAINFULLY slow no matter how hard I try.

The baseball thing sounds interesting - are you both big fans of the team? I don't think my fiance and I have any shared interest we could have used for the wedding venue, but I always think it's so nice when coupels do somethign so personal to them.

As for adding people, I think if you go to their sparkpage you can add them. Then, if you go to your spark page and click the blog tab at the top there will be a button link partway down the right hand side that says 'write a blog entry' or soemthing similar.

Good luck with the weight loss and everything wedding-related :)


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JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
3/13/13 10:06 A

HI! I just came over from the biggest losers forums and blog sites, they are starting to charge so here I am.. I am getting married in June 29th, I have done everything myself from the crafts to the flowers..

I have lost a total of 51lbs and have 25 more lbs to go for goal before the wedding, however I will be at my total weight loss goal by sept/ Oct of this year...I will do it and with the support it makes it totally happening!

I met my fiance through facebook and our reception will be at a local baseball field in one of their tier party rooms with a game to boot, he gets to throw a first pitch!! I think I'm more excited than he is about that LOL.. But it will be a great time because we will have a normal reception before game starts then those that wish to stay for the game can, and those that wish to leave after they can poof and we all will stay and party the night away..

17 weeks is coming up fast but We are making the most of it..

The honeymoon is not planned but we will be heading south to Kansas city for their BBQ and then to new Orleans for fun, who knows after that.. we never plan and just go off the cuff and explore things.. I really want to do a swamp tour on those fan boat thinggies LOL

Anyway, I wish all of you well and good luck, nice to meet you!

I have yet to figure out how to add people and blog so I have to set up some time to learn the site better, but I already love having the free meal planning and ideas to help my goal better.. I have gotten or trying to learn about processed foods and GMO foods, learning to eat real food. It has made a huge difference in my weight and health!

Have fun!!!

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