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3/23/13 9:25 P

HEY GOOD JOB !!! Keep it up. Are you just wanting to lose a few punds or to maintain a certain weight. GOOD LUCK . SO LET'S DO IT !!! emoticon

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3/23/13 7:37 P


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3/23/13 4:34 P

I wouldn't be able to handle getting up that early. But if you're awake anyway, why not!

Kudos to you for working out!


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3/23/13 3:51 P

I do cardio, abs,broom,,for the waist, ankle weights, and I want to do this for me and I see YOU WANT TO DO IT FOR YOU, TOO. I can't tell how to do it but if you want to lose & maintain your goal you have to WANT IT BAD ENOUGH. SO, LET'S DO IT AND emoticon GOOD LUCK

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
3/23/13 3:23 P

Oh my- that's early! What did you do for exercise for the two hours? I thought I was an early bird getting up at 4:20 during the week. YOU GO!

3/23/13 7:39 A

Well done!!! Go for the 10,000 and let us know when you get there!!1!

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3/23/13 7:37 A

Thank You for the thought. I live in a senior apt. bldg. and everyone is still sleeping. So, after 8 am there are a lot of us senior citizens walking, too. Lot's of traffic so the time is excellent for me.

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3/23/13 6:40 A


Remember, you can also break your workouts (or walks) up into shorter segments and still get all the benefits. So, if you can't walk for an hour in the morning, you could take three 20 minute walks spaced out through the day. I encourage members to take a lunch time walk not only for some extra activity, but to relieve the stress of a tough work day.


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3/23/13 6:20 A

Started my exercise this morning at 3:07 am and finished at 5:05 am. Started walking at 5:02 am which was only suppose to be a 45 min. walk and 9625 steps. But I ended up an hour walk with 9724 steps, which is 4.94 miles. I am determined to reach 10,000 steps by March 31st. I am pooped and drink my water. I am emoticon . GOD BLESS ALL & HAVE A GOOD DAY !!!

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