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6/10/14 12:30 P

I've been using Runkeeper on my phone. There are two issues with that. My phone is HUGE (LG Intuition) and if I want to go on a longer walk/jog it tends to drain the battery. The app itself has glitched 2-3 times but overall works fine.

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6/9/14 10:44 P

There are a bunch of apps that function similarly if you don't mind running with your phone. My favorite of what's out there is Runkeeper, which tracks your route, distance, pace, and approximate calories burned. It's free, and available for both Android and iPhone.

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6/9/14 8:22 P

nike has a sensor that goes into the nike plus shoes. You can also buy the sensor pouch if you don't have the shoes. I have been using this for about 4 years now and LOVE it. Every year around tax time I buy a new sensor :)

edited to add: Mine works with my Ipod Touch

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6/9/14 7:47 P

I just use my phone with a fitness app (runkeeper). I either hold it in my hand or put it in my pocket.

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6/9/14 5:08 P

There are pods (think the Nike+ pod) that attach to your shoe and send information to your phone, but you have to have your phone with you in order for it to work.

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6/9/14 4:26 P

Is there such a thing like a Garmin forerunner that you can clip on instead of it being a watch? I would really like to find something that can specifically track my time and distance when I go jogging. I can't wear watches anymore because my skin gets really irritated and breaks out.

I have looked and looked and haven't found much. If anyone know where I can find something like this please let me know. There's got to be a GPS running tracker somewhere that's not something you can only wear on your wrist. Thanks!

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