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3/6/13 7:24 P

Goodlife does have some areas that are for PTs and their clients only. Taking equipment out of that area would definitely be inappropriate. I agree that you do pay a lot of money, but that doesn't mean you can use equipment that's designated for PTs. As a PT, I am extremely annoyed when members remove equipment from the proper place and hide it in some far away corner without returning it.

GL has a lot of corporate rules, I used to work for them.

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3/6/13 6:14 P

You are absolutely right to be irritated that they aren't taking care of their clients. If I were you I'd definitely be looking for another gym that actually provides enough workout equipment for members. If they don't have enough equipment, they shouldn't be registering that many people for the class. It's also not fair to expect members to pay for a personal trainer and to not give them the same support if they don't. Personal training isn't for everyone. They should be supportive of their clients choices, everyone takes their own path to a healthy lifestyle.

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3/6/13 4:26 P

Have you spoken to the manager of the facility? That doesn't sound like good customer service at ALL. If I were paying that much, I would have someone's HIDE.

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3/6/13 2:36 P

Hi I've been a Goodlife member for over a year. I joined mainly because I'm more motivated by group exercise classes than by working out on my own. Today we had our 1st scheduled Body Shred class. It is a high-impact cardio/interval training class that requires dumb-bells. There was a shortage of dumb-bells in our studio so the instructor asked us to get some dumb-bells from the other exercise room (available to members). I notified the personal trainer in that room that I would be needing two, 5lb dumb-bells for Body Shred and he said fine as long as I returned them. When I returned them after class the trainer who was now in the room giving a lady a massage told me (in front of the woman he was massaging) that those dumb-bells are for personal trainers & personal training only! I felt embarrassed that he would say this AFTER telling me it was fine to use them. Goodlife members are paying ALOT of MONEY for our MEMBERSHIPS. About $72 per month. There should be enough weights & dumb-bells available for MEMBERS to USE for classes that require dumb-bells for classes like BODY SHRED. If there is a shortage then MEMBERS should be able to use alternative dumb-bells. Should Goodlife fitness be accommodating their PERSONAL TRAINERS with these exercise tools or, are they suppose to be accommodating their MEMBERS (CLIENTS)? I don't know where their priorities lay. Basically once they get you to sign & discover you have no interest in a PERSONAL TRAINER (they really push personal training on you) you're basically left on the back burner. Goodlife should be helping and supporting the people who are PAYING Goodlife, the members not the PERSONAL TRAINERS who are getting PAID by Good life. I am very annoyed by this incident and I am tempted to cancel my membership. Not only that, but my mother and my girlfriend whom I recommended Goodlife to they are now tempted to pull out of their memberships as well. If Goodlife is only there to support their PERSONAL TRAINERS/STAFF and put their clients on the back burner then maybe their clients should take their business & MONEY elsewhere- where they will be appreciated and their needs will be properly acommodated!

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