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2/20/14 4:40 A

I always get the same thing chicken & broccoli with extra cashews & a small side of soft chow mein noodles . The only thing with Chinese for me I gain 3 pounds the next day because a lot of sodium so I have it once a month or every other I have to order without the msg or I get a headache for 2 days!!
Happy eating

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ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,747
2/19/14 4:03 P

Our dietitian tells us to consider going out for any ethnic food, to just eat what you want, and consider it a "splurge" meal, and move on, and only do it every 3 months or so. The little you can find that is really "good for you" at a place like that, may as well stay home or bring some tuna in a plastic container and order green salad, toss the tuna on it, drink tea, and watch everyone else stuff their face.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
2/19/14 2:59 P

I usually get something and share it. Or get the wanton soup and a spring roll.

I don't like the diet options at Chinese restaurants. They always come with that awful clear sauce. I won't discuss what that looks and tastes like.

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2/19/14 12:08 P

Beef and broccoli or chicken and broccoli are my usual choices. They are not bad calorie-wise.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/19/14 11:50 A

Any thing fried avoid - try to load up on veggies as much as possible.

An fyi - Chinese food is loaded with sodium, even the broth based soups. When I eat it (and stay in my range still) I put on 2 pounds the next day due to the sodium. I still eat it occasionally, knowing the scale is gonna jump the next day.

2/19/14 11:31 A

Yum! I love it! Last time i went I just got veggies and rice and the soup...filled me up!

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2/19/14 11:23 A

Steer away from the fried and go for the steamed. Although I admit Chinese food is one of my indulgences and I will over do it a bit. But I always have plenty of leftovers! If you want to have an egg roll or some crab rangoon, then just factor in an increase in your activity. I also love the hot mustard, so that helps with the flavor.

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2/19/14 11:16 A

White rice or rice noodles with lots of veggies, maybe some chicken. Yummm

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
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2/19/14 11:00 A

Some Chinese Restaurants will make your dish with steamed chicken instead of fried if you ask. You are usually OK with stir frys. Check over the menu, look for options with veggies as well as a lean protein or shrimp. Don't be afraid to ask your server what type of veggies are in a dish. A restaurant around me does a garlic chicken, which has steamed chicken and a good portion of veggies with a thin garlic sauce. If they have a small Thai menu check out the Pad Thai. Avoid fried rice and pretty much every appetizer.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,371
2/19/14 7:54 A

Don't you share with everyone at the table?
If not Chicken with Broccoli is a healthy option
Dining Out: Chinese Cuisine...Restaurant-Specific Strategies

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
2/19/14 4:23 A

Don't order anything deep fried.

Actually, I'm not really sure either bcoz Chinese food in the US has already been Americanized.

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2/18/14 11:17 P

I usually have curry chicken with a lot of veggies!!! I eat half and take half of home for the next day.

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2/18/14 11:09 P

Can anyone offer me advice as to what I can order at a Chinese restaurant? I believe that Won Ton soup is excellent as far as being low calorie and low fat, but I need a few more suggestions.......Any help would be SOOOO appreciated....Thanks!!

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