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9/22/13 8:03 A

It has a lot of caffeine, listed under more than one name. Caffeine isn't necessarily bad, but taking it in a pill, especially when it's coming from more than one ingredient in the pill, means you don't know how much you're getting. Also, since supplements don't have to be standardized like medicines are, you might get a lot from one pill in the bottle and then none from the next, which means that after you've been taking them for a while, if you get a "dud" pill one day, you could end up with a caffeine withdrawal headache and nausea, etc, without knowing why.

The amount of iron in these pills could be dangerous if you're already meeting your iron needs from food, or if you're not having regular periods. You should talk to your doctor about how much supplemental iron is safe for you.

Another thing that's weird is that they list "nutrients" that aren't. They list the things they have to use to make the actual pill as if they were "good for you," instead of just filler.

These pills probably aren't dangerous, but you could get the same effect from a multivitamin and a cup or two of tea or even coffee. That would have a huge safety benefit because you would know and be able to control the caffeine dosage, it would have a health benefit because you'd be getting the antioxidants from the tea or coffee, and an economic benefit because it would cost you a tiny fraction of what GNC charges.

Honestly, if I were you I would take it back to GNC and get a refund. Tell them you did some research on the ingredients and you feel like it's not entirely safe. Then spend that money on more fruits and veggies, fancy teas, exercise equipment, or something else that would also help you feel better but would be totally, unquestionably safe.

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9/21/13 8:23 P

I would be very careful with supplements like this. MOst of them make wild claims that don't pan out in reality, and the placebo effect can be powerful. No over the counter pill can provide substantial weight loss, and if you have to turn to pills for energy, you should probably look at the cause of your missing energy... odds are it's not taking care of yourself in someway.

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9/21/13 11:52 A

Has anyone ever used this product? I have been taking it for a week, and even though the supplements in the vitamin packs are huge, I think I do feel better.

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