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Sorry, I just saw that the original poster was asking for research. The GENERA database is filled with third-party (not associated with biotech or organic companies) research on GMOs. I would encourage you to take a look.

Another source is GMOAnswers. You can actually ask questions on that site and they will be answered by experts. Some are from the biotech industry, some from the organic industry and some are not affiliated with either. You can also view previously asked questions and answers.

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Pesticides are allowed on organic crops as well. Here is the list of all of the 'cides' that the USDA allows organic farmers to use.

10/17/14 11:20 A

You really will not find any studies on human health with GMO because there hasn't been any long term studies on humans as of yet. There has been a long term study on mice and the results were not in favor of GMO. Not going to do the leg work for you, if you are really interested you will go and look for yourself

Personally I don't trust a company who claim GMO are completely safe when they also told the US government that the pesticide code name Agent Orange was completely safe to use and got caught lying about that in a congressional hearing. That not only did they find out that it was not safe to be used without protection but they knew the whole time they said it was safe during the Vietnam War. If they didn't care about soldiers fighting a war, what make you think they are going to care about the average family with 2.5 kids? Just how I feel.

Also why are big name brands spending millions to defeat label laws? Why don't they want consumers knowing whether or not their products contain GMO?

7/1/14 9:11 A

I am very concerned about the amount of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that they use on GM crops and the effect they have on the environment.

I am also not convinced about GM foods long term safety.

However as GM food is not labeled here in Canada I am sol in avoiding it unless I buy all organic foods. Here if a food is organic it is GMO free.

7/1/14 7:04 A

As people can tell who are following this thread, the topic of GMO's is a hot topic and can become very emotional. Personal opinion runs strong and deep.

If you return to the original post, one will see that this person is asking for research that indicates a health risk or safety issue when using foods that contain GMO's. (not personal opinion) A research study would be peer-reviewed and published in a health journal. You would find such research at a site like:

The original post is not looking for personal opinion or links to internet sites that are based on opinion.

As you read many of the posts on this thread, you can get an indication of one's personal opinion on this topic; however, that is really not answering the original question.

To return this thread to a positive tone---let's return to the original topic. The quest for actual published research. If you have a link to a research study, then provide the post.

If you want a debate based on your personal opinion then begin another message board topic, but do so with the understanding that as strong as your conviction is to your opinion; others will be just as strongly tied to their opinion.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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Just want to say that when I read the title: "GMO Challenge"

,I had no idea it was posted by someone who is in favor of GMO's and loves them.

I was thinking along the lines of other challenges, like the 10 minutes of fitness a day challenge, and the eat up to get fit challenge, or just getting input about how people feel about GMO's.

I hope you few have had fun making me feel hurt, inferior to your knowledge and honestly sad.

I'm not wanting you to feel anything for me, but please don't treat anyone else this way. It hurts.

emoticon Using the term "fear-mongering" is rude. emoticon

I just want to say, that this type of behavior is not what my understanding of SparkPeople is about. I have always felt like a team player in all other communication threads, message borards and groups, except here. In the "GMO Challenge"

I have a right to say that I don't like the way GMO foods taste and I don't trust any studies done that say they are safe for human consumption. The FDA does test lots of drugs, stating they are safe for human consumption, yet a few years down the road, they pull them off the market because they are causing health problems for the people who took them. I call someone like myself, well informed and cautious, NOT, "FEAR-MONGERING"

I also have the right to request GMO's be labeled so I can avoid them.

I will remain graceful and not call you out by name, but you know who you are. I strongly suggest you find another way to get your point across, rather than putting up this thread, then attacking people who don't want or like GMO foods.

I admit I do read articles on the internet, and many of them say GMO is bad for us.

And I will stand by my humble opinion, which is,

1. if GMO's are killing our honey bees and butterfly's, they are bad. I am NOT going to feed them to my family

2. I want any and ALL products containing GMO's labled, so I know NOT buy it, because I will NOT support that product or produce.

I agree with other Sparkers, go do your own work and your own research, but don't treat me bad and speak/text me in such a rude manner just to get your point across.

And for your information "Aquaponics" uses LESS water than irrigation in fields. There is no need for pesticides or herbicide. The plants are grown without soil above tanks or ponds containing fish that are also food. You feed the fish, the fish waste us used as fertilizer for the crops and the water is totally recycled. Aquaponics can actually use solar power to move the water from the tank to the plants. So that proves your statement of "when there is a world wide water shortage" irrelevant.

BTW, I am one of those people who prints out lists of the brands of foods that DO NOT contain GMO's and those are the foods I buy and feed to my family. They cost just a little bit more, and I don't mind at all.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Loathe as I am to reply to a post that ends with the order to "Go" (ugh) . . . here I Go . . .

there is not enormous, recognized depth (nor width) of research in human diet and nutrition because 1) there is no money in it (Hello Big Pharma!) 2) it is difficult and often unethical to conduct research on free-living humans and 3) . . . um, I forget what *3* was . . . so here is a quote from the website of a guy I have big respect for (*for whom I have big respect* . . . huh?) :

*Genetic modification involves the transfer of genes from one species of plant or animal to another, using techniques that can cause mutations in the genome that may have unintended consequences for the crop’s safety. (5) The imprecise rearrangement of genes can create new proteins in these plants that may trigger allergies or promote disease. (6) Our immune systems often do not recognize these new proteins and may mount an immune attack against them if they enter our bloodstream intact.*

And here is the link to his website:

A non-hysterical, easy-to-read discussion of the GMO debate. And I know we all love the non-hysterical thing :-)

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6/30/14 6:37 P

Sweetie, I wish you would read the PM I sent you.

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I simply have a real concern about my family's health and what I feed them. emoticon

I also care for our environment and the earth. emoticon

I believe It's very possible that we do not know the true impact of GMO foods will have on humans or the environment, so far GMO crops ARE killing our honey bees and the Monarch Butterfly. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I think sometimes people are so convinced that they are right that they stop listening. We have probably all been guilty of this at one time or another in our lives. It just seems to me that people can't even discuss a subject with someone who disagrees with them. It has to turn into a nasty argument. I just don't get it. The answer is attack the person who is disagreeing with you! I don't know much about GMO's. I am really curious to see what the basis is for assertions regarding GMO's I have seen on this forum.

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Just want to say that when I read the title: "GMO Challenge"

,I had no idea it was posted by someone who is in favor of GMO's and loves them.

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6/30/14 5:51 P

lol...none emoticon

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6/30/14 5:49 P

What I want to know is what basis people have when they make grandiose, generalizing claims like, "GMOs are the food of the devil and they are the cause of allergies, obesity, and cancer" (obviously a bit of an exaggeration but you can understand what I'm getting at?). Frankly, if I can't challenge your thought process, and you can't challenge mine, what's the point in communicating?

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I think its a reasonable question. I have spent hours doing literature searches on clinical topics related to my profession. It can be challenging and frustrating. Sometimes I ask myself, what am I missing? It makes sense to put the question out there. We all might learn something.


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6/30/14 4:19 P

I hear what you are saying " She's challenging the GMO-averse crowd to come up with any real science to support their fears and opposition"

Here's my take on it. I do eat non-GMO. Know what though...I don't care who does.

You wanna eat GMO? Eat GMO

You wanna avoid it like the plague? Avoid it.

No skin off my nose either way. I care about what I eat. I don't care about what Jim eats, or what Nancy eats, or what Mary eats. I don't care if Mary eats 10 big macs a day, gmo or not.

Did you read the pop tart thread? Wow. Just wow.

I have a problem with Nutrition Nazis. Thats what I call them now. They come on with a huge chip on their shoulder...daring all comers to knock it off.

I get it, maybe they need more to fulfill their lives? More sex? More exercise? A trip to Africa to see starving children so they realize what is truly important in life? I dunno what it is that they need. But I know, as person...I can't play along with that.

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6/30/14 3:44 P

"Honestly, you should do this research yourself... "
No, you're missing the point. She's challenging the GMO-averse crowd to come up with any real science to support their fears and opposition. She already knows that the science is strongly supportive of GMOs as far as safety goes, she just wants to see if anyone can provide any reason why they are so afraid of them (other than dodgy websites like Mercola or Natural News, which have no problem making up stuff). I'm fully with her, I'm sick and tired of the BS and would like to see some solid science for a change.

6/30/14 1:05 P

You aren't missing any high impact peer reviewed articles. There is a lot of fear mongering and a general lack of education regarding GMOs.

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6/30/14 11:53 A

Round-up is an herbicide, not a pesticide, so you have to be talking about bT. My dad has a farm that he sharecrops, and his farmer is still using bT corn with zero topical pesticide. Yields are lower than the first year they used it, but better than they ever got on traditional corn with chemical pesticide. It is slowly losing its effectiveness, but that's true of any treatment, especially for corn rootworm; it has always adapted quickly.

They actually really hate using it because of the small-farmer-unfriendly business practices, but it's a question of staying in business. When you have no pesticide bill to pay, it helps you avoid going broke on fuel costs.

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6/30/14 11:15 A

Honestly, you should do this research yourself rather than demanding it from others. First, because it looks a bit like you're starving for a fight with people who do believe that GMOs do harm, and when you are taking a strong standpoint that they don't, it's incumbent upon you -- not them -- to be able to defend your position. Find studies that show no correlation, read them and understand them, be prepared to cite. Pull the studies anti-GMO people are citing that do show something wrong, figure out their flaws as you see them (or adjust your views, if you find none), be prepared to argue them. For bonus points, apply the same logic to the studies that support your view as to those that oppose it; that's tricky, but if you don't want people you're debating with to hate you for good reason, you should do your best.

Second -- in a practical sense, likely nobody here who is going to respond to you has the kind of access to full-text academic libraries that you'd need to answer such a question adequately -- anti-GMO screeds on the web are not likely to be sufficient -- and so you're barking up the wrong tree to begin with. Do your own work.

To the person before me: whether GMOs reduce pesticide use or not is actually still up in the air. I believe I saw something recently that said that for one major type of genetic modification (the bT one), they do, but for another (the Roundup one I think?), pests have already developed resistance and so they're now useless at best.

It would indeed be nice if people debating GMOs could keep it to such issues and not "OMG they put bug genes in my corn" or "GMOs make you sick because *handwave lots of sciencey sounding stuff that somebody pulled out of his butt*".

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6/30/14 11:02 A

The problem with GMOs is in the business practices of the companies that produce them, not in any harm that the foods cause to humans. Even in terms of environmental impact, GMOs reduce pesticide and herbicide use by such huge volumes that it's still probably a net benefit. (Believe it or not, agriculture was never the biggest source of herbicide and pesticide runoff. There's more atrazine and Round-Up pouring into the water from people's lawns and golf courses than from farms.) The bT in GMO corn is the same bacterium that's sold to organic gardeners as a safe pest control, even though in topical applications it's far more likely to kill beneficials.

The business practices related to GMO technology are deplorable-- suing people for patent violation when they get the genes from trespass pollen, for example. The semi-sterility of seed and the use of litigation to bully farmers out of seed saving have erased years of progress in sustainable agriculture in the developing world.

So... If the companies marketing GMO seed are evil, why should we be concerned about the misinformation regarding their effects on human health? Why shouldn't we be in favor of ANYTHING that pushes back against them?

Because if you promote lies about one aspect of a situation, people won't believe you when you tell the truth about another aspect. It's the boy who called wolf. If you make claims that Monsanto GMOs are causing the obesity epidemic when that is so incredibly easy to refute, then nobody's going to believe you when you say Monsanto's business policies are destroying independent farming in the third world.

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6/30/14 10:13 A

In the middle of a world-wide water crisis?

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6/30/14 9:57 A

Aquaponics looks promising to me.

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6/30/14 9:51 A

I don't hit bees with a fly swatter. I have gardens on my property specifically designed to help the Monarch, humming birds and bees. "mostly the Monarch".

The FDA "should" require human studies for new drugs, in my opinion. I have always believed a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But I don't think the FDA does very good. "proven, extensive" studies. I see lots of drugs being taken off the market and lots of lawsuits being filed against the big drug companies.

If we loose the bees, we will soon follow.

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6/30/14 9:46 A

FFS, next time just say that rather than calling me a shill for Monsanto and posting studies that have zero scientific value emoticon

I have zero problems with anyone's decisions based on their morals. I have plenty of problems when people use crap science to try to tell me I'm wrong.

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6/30/14 9:41 A

You are totally missing my point.
I care emoticon and I believe many consumers care also.
I want GMO foods labeled, because I do not want to support anything that is killing our bees and butterflies. emoticon emoticon

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6/30/14 9:35 A

Since when do humans and honeybees have the same physiology, brain chemistry, or metabolism? Last time I checked, humans have a distinct advantage to a honeybee when hit by a fly swatter.

There's a reason why the FDA requires human studies for any new drug that comes on the market.

The fact is, as terrible as GMO foods are for the environment, there are about 2.5 billion people this planet would not be able to feed without mass produced crops. So while I support initiatives to make agriculture safe for the environment while maintaining current production levels, I do not support baseless, useless, and frankly harmful fear-mongering.

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6/30/14 9:31 A

Isn't the possible extinction of the honey bee and the Monarch butterfly enough?
I'm just saying, it only makes sense, to my mind, that if these Roundup Ready crops are killing them, why do you NEED someone to post a proven study for you about the harm to humans and why can't we have labeling that states the product contains GMO's.

Personally, I think GMO foods taste terrible and I am saddened by what it's doing to our environment, the bees and butterflies and I extremely concerned about the possible health issues to humans.

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6/30/14 8:52 A

Don't get me wrong, the environmental impacts are horrendous. I raise honeybees, so I know *all* of the research behind colony collapse disorder.

Obesity rates started rising *before* GMO crops were widespread, so that dog don't hunt so to speak. Also humans don't have the Bt reactive protein that makes Bt corn harmful to insects, so that doesn't fly either.

You also forgot to mention the impact Roundup Ready crops are having on the monarch butterfly (hint: not good)

As for your links related to human effects, the first is from an organization that is sponsored by a law firm that makes big $$$ on food safety class action lawsuits. A conflict of interest, no? The second is just information about allergies which is nice, but there's no proven causal link between GMO foods and the increase in allergies. The third is a anti-GMO group sponsored by a coalition of companies that make non-GMO/organic products. Another conflict of interest.

None are peer-reviewed. None are in high-impact journals. Try again.

That being said,

Miss Ruth, you're right, that is a better way to phrase my question. I've just seen so little good science on the question, that I want to understand where people are getting their information. I also want to understand why people think labeling foods will have any impact on the environmental disaster that is modern agriculture.

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6/30/14 7:26 A

I know I'll have to keep doing this.... but if you want to make a link clickable, at the top of the box where you're typing your reply to a post, there are buttons for "Spell Check" "Add a Link" and "Add an Emoticon". It isn't *that* hard to make a link clickable.

I'd agree with Eelpie. I think the op would have been better phrased, IF you are against GMO/ think GMO foods should be labelled, etc-- can you provide me with studies.... yada yada yada.

And I'd agree with Becky that I think (jmho, speaking for myself personally here) there are much bigger fish to fry at this time.

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6/30/14 5:35 A

LEC358 Plain and simple, harming the bees, killing colonies of bees and the extinction of the honey bee, due to them being exposed to GMO produce, has everything to do with human life on this planet. If the bees die, we die.
?.tsrc=applewf #pesticide #honeybee #food #savethebees #saveourpollinators

The GMO corn has pesticides inside of it. If a grasshopper eats the corn, it dies. Common sense, alone, should cause you to not want to eat that corn. Don't cha think?!

Beyond that, I have accidentally bought and tried to cook GMO products. The peas won't get tender, and don't taste good. GMO strawberries have no sweetness, GMO carrots leave a chemical taste in my mouth. GMO wheat has 85% more gluten that regular wheat.

Allergies in children have risen by 400%. So has the overall weight of our nation, and diabetes.

When our GMO wheat is shipped to other countries like Hungary, they test it for GMO, if it's in the produce they burn it, why? because it makes their people sick.

more here:

Source link:


I'm sorry those links aren't clickable. But if you right click to highlight them, there is a drop down menu to take you there.

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5/23/14 3:49 P

Thanks Becky, I have done extensive research on this topic when I had access to researcher databases and can't find any studies to support the fear-mongering I see here and in other areas of the media. So I'm asking for people to post their scientifically-backed reasons why they feel so strongly about this because I'm wondering if I'm missing evidence that the rest of the world has.

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5/23/14 3:40 P

You would want to do a search of a site such as:

There really is no evidence to indicate a health risk by using GMO foods. Here is an example:

It is "not" on my top 10 list of health habits that would improve the health status of our nation.

While I continue to support research in this area; and I understand that consumers have a right to know...I can think of many more ways to spend the money that it will cost for such labeling laws ---that really would impact the health of our nation.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/23/14 3:08 P I understand this correctly? You are asking people to spend time searching the internet for 5 studies that fit your criteria....rather than you spending your time searching for them?

Yeah....I think I will pass.

I guess if it matters to you, you will spend *your* time searching for those 5 peer-reviewed studies published in high impact journals (that haven't been subsequently discredited) showing a statistically significant link between GMO food products and adverse health in humans.

And studies that have your other "ground rules" attached to them, lol.

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5/23/14 2:57 P

I asked this question on a thread but I feel like it might be good to open it to a wider audience.

I would like someone to find 5 peer-reviewed studies published in high impact journals (that haven't been subsequently discredited) showing a statistically significant link between GMO food products and adverse health in humans.

I know about the brazil nut thing so there's no need to bring that up since that was related to brazil nut allergens in corn and was promptly removed once they realized what was going on.

Some ground rules:
Anecdotal stories/blogs definitely don't count.
Don't attack me for asking. If you do, I'll delete this thread and just ask it again.
I'm not looking for environmental impacts. That's a whole different issue.

The reason I'm asking is because when it comes to food safety, I'm pretty agnostic on the GMO thing. With the recent push for labeling of GMO foods, I want to know if there's actually any scientific reason for doing so. I have read several articles linking GMOs to things like colony collapse disorder in bees, etc and while that's important is has zero to do with the safety of the GMO for human consumption.


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