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Posts: 945
10/26/12 3:10 P

We avoid them as much as possible.

Posts: 5,070
10/26/12 1:34 P

I believe that on the label if the number starts with an 8 it is GMO. I believe a 9 is organic and a 5 is conventional. Sad to say that a lot of the Kashi foods use GMO now. Also Whole Foods also carries things that are GMO even though they try to make sure they do not.

As said previously, stick to organic and farmers you trust and you won't have to worry about it.

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Posts: 43
10/26/12 1:05 P

Here is the latest study out on the effects of Monsanto's GMO foods.

SparkPoints: (59,255)
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Posts: 653
10/26/12 12:57 P

Check labels well, a lot of companies are using soy products as "filler" now too. This topic is coming up in discussion a lot lately, so you will be hearing more emoticon

Posts: 207
10/26/12 11:20 A

GMOs are just genetically modified foods. If you try to stick with organics, then you will avoid GMOs. I believe a lot of soy and corn is now genetically modified as well as the byproducts (canola oil, soy proteins and the like, corn syrup).

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Posts: 26
10/26/12 10:07 A

Has anyone heard of GMO foods, I know its been on the news. My family and I are thinking about trying non GMO foods, has anymore tried it?

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