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LALANAV Posts: 7
6/23/09 11:21 A

What's most likely happening is that you're building muscle; however, as a woman you shouldn't be finding THAT much muscle development. What's also possible is that you haven't quite lost as much weight in your arms as other areas of your body, because while it's impossible to spot reduce, everyone loses weight differently, so you may be building muscle under any fat that may be there, so while you're toning underneath it just LOOKS bigger while you're in that limbo phase between muscle development and fat loss.

What I would recommend is to use lighter weights with higher reps so that you'll build leaner muscle, and then keep doing cardio for overall fat loss that will eventually reach your arms. You'll see results, don't get discouraged!

ANGELA514 Posts: 26
6/21/09 2:27 P

I have been using my Wii to help me exercise and it has been working. I stay interested and I am losing weight but I have been working on my arms to slim them down but I must be doing something wrong because they are getting so big. HELP what should I do?

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