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2/15/14 8:48 A

Sounds like you have a history of heartburn; I assume you are on a treatment plan/medications from your doctor. It may be time for a complete physical and check up.

Hearburn medications are just one type of medication that can need adjustment with weight loss.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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2/14/14 9:45 P

Tomatoes are famous for causing heartburn/stomach upset. Not sure if pasta is the problem as Bunnykicks said.

Why not try some pasta, with 3-4 ozs of chicken per person cooked in it, and see if chicken noodle soup ( homemade ) is a problem? I find that a lot of the problems with pasta is that I like it with sauces. Maybe the problem is the sauces.

I understand the kids did not like the buttered noodles, but did it cause you to have issues when you ate that? If not, then the tomato sauce was the problem.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
2/14/14 5:42 P

Also I might suggest you consider whether it is the noodles themselves, and not the tomatoes or cream, that are causing your distress? Have you considered the possibility of having a gluten sensitivity?

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
2/14/14 5:40 P

Have you tried BROWNED butter on your noodles? Cook the butter (carefully) until it turns toasty-brown, it's like the melted-cheese of butter, it tastes sooooooo good once browned. Very flavourful, a little goes a long way - A small amount tossed with pasta, and a sprinkle of grated cheese if desired - kids might like that! My son does. (But, such a dish is kind of a rare-treat around our house).

Alternatively, cook your pasta, take out your portion, toss YOUR portion with butter or pesto or whatever is working for YOU, and the rest of the pot with the family's sauce-of-choice.

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2/14/14 5:32 P

When I do pasta, I don't do it in a conventional way.

I use wholemeal pasta, but add some red lentils to it when cooking and only a small amount of liquid. I saute shredded cabbage and onion, and sometimes lean bacon (that provides the salt) and mushrooms. I add that to the pasta. It helps to thicken it. I add a little milk with some flour mixed in, and a SMALL amount of grated tasty cheddar cheese.

The other way is that I cook the pasta/lentils, and cook down some veges to make a thick puree using onion, celery, bell peppers, a small amount of garlic and tomato PASTE. For some reason, the paste doesn't affect me like tomatoes often do. The pasta/lentils gets added to the 'sauce'. You can add basil to make it more flavorsome.


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2/14/14 5:21 P

Our family loves pasta. lately with my heartburn both tomato sauce and cream sauces are really making me sick. What are some healthy alternatives? we tried just buttered noodles, kids didn't go for that...

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