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GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
6/7/13 9:35 P

In my perfect world I would be a famous opera singer

SHANSDOINIT79 SparkPoints: (7,003)
Fitness Minutes: (3,382)
Posts: 240
6/7/13 4:29 P

In a perfect world, my house would clean itself. Oh. And I would be a billionaire.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
6/5/13 6:52 A

In my perfect world, there would be realistic sizing on clothing for everyone so that all clothes followed the same dimensioms

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,793)
Fitness Minutes: (9,741)
Posts: 2,241
5/29/13 12:53 A

no Wars No Hunger,no Abuse!!!!

THINJIM1 Posts: 3,030
5/27/13 6:22 A

In a perfect world lions would lay down with the lambs

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
5/27/13 6:17 A

In a perfect world people would turn off their cell phones in public and pay attention to you instead of it.

ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,930
5/26/13 5:46 P

Perfect cream could call my name any time and I'd answer without guilt...

GYPSYROVER Posts: 3,240
5/26/13 12:12 A

In a perfect world, vacuuming would be a crime

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
5/25/13 11:30 P

In a perfect world toilet paper would be endless.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
5/25/13 10:35 P

In a perfect world I would be Mrs. Josh Groban

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
5/25/13 8:55 P

chocolate would be free

LIZREID13 SparkPoints: (436)
Fitness Minutes: (644)
Posts: 20
5/25/13 8:02 P

In my perfect world... cities would be designed for bicycles and pedestrians, not cars. There would be plenty of paved bike/walk trails heading out in the wilderness.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/25/13 7:58 P

in my perfect world I could eat as many M&M's as I wanted calorie free.

SINAED SparkPoints: (15,107)
Fitness Minutes: (17,140)
Posts: 202
5/25/13 6:57 P

in my perfect world kids would clean up their own messes

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (565,740)
Fitness Minutes: (345,887)
Posts: 15,948
5/15/13 7:49 P

In my perfect world, I would have had more than one child.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
5/15/13 7:44 P

In my perfect world, every woman would be slim, healthy and beautiful!

All men would be slim, healthy and handsome!

5/15/13 2:24 P

in my perfect world; kitchens would clean themselves, my husband would eat my cooking, and the local store would have all the exotic ingredients on sale.

5/15/13 1:07 P

this topic made me think of Bette Midler's "From a distance..."


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TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
5/15/13 12:40 P

In my perfect world, I could eat anything I wanted and not worry about weight gain, blood sugar, or high cholesterol.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/15/13 11:01 A

In my perfect world everyone would be happy and kind.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,180
5/9/13 3:15 P

In my perfect world:

(Serious) I hear ya about the bullying GLITTER. In my case though, the bullying turned out to have a positive. It prepared me for the real world. Going back to topic, animals would never be abused.

(Fun) Pizza and beer would have no calories but would taste just as good.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
5/9/13 1:57 P

In my perfect world I would be a perfect weight without worrying about calories in and out. emoticon

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
5/9/13 1:42 P

in my perfect world, unicorns would exist, all my childhood dreams would come true..

Music would be the only thing allowed and we would be able to live for free off from our own land ...

Kinda weird we have to pay just to live on our land.........

5/9/13 11:18 A

In my perfect world, we would all be living like the Cleaver Family. There would be no crime, kids could play outside any time without worry, parents would be in charge and children would listen. My house would be immaculate and everyone in the family would be slim and healthy. And for me, it would be fun to do projects like painting the garbage cans with a dress on, and never even get dirty! Wow! And since I love cooking, it would be no problem being a stay-at home mom and doing that. I do that now anyway.

My own family was like that when I was a kid -- the world has changed.


CHOCOLATELEA SparkPoints: (4,692)
Fitness Minutes: (1,418)
Posts: 166
5/8/13 7:39 P

Complete this sentence, in my perfect world money doesn't exist, people think of others before themselves, and everyone is content in their lives.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/8/13 6:26 P

I hear ya on that cheesecake!

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
5/8/13 6:23 P

In my perfect world, parents of bullies would get their behinds belted, and THEN both parents and the bullying child(ren) would have court-ordered intervention therapy.

For fun?
In my perfect world, cheesecake is calorie-free.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/8/13 3:17 P

We all have thoughts of a perfect world with no violence of any kind but this post is for fun.

Complete this sentence, in my perfect world_______________________________.

Here is mine and remember it's just all in fun: In my perfect world teenagers do not talk, once they hit puberty all they can do is listen.

Let's not make this serious, it is for fun.

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