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I do wish you wonderful luck here. I know you can do it. You are in the best place with the most supportive people and you have a plan and know what you want.


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Hi everyone, Just want to say I finally had a stress level drop enough to finally do something about my password to log on. Its been two years since I first registered, and we have finally worked through many of the stressors preventing us from doing the things to give us time, room and access to those things supportive of active, healthy relationships and lifestyle. and two years since my doctor confirmed I had moved from metabolic syndrome to borderline diabetes. Its been a scary terrifying journey. But the wisdom of my youngest child has kept us focused. Like SparkPeoples small steps philosophy. Our sons' advise to finish what you've started. Identifying what to finish first, putting aside/stopping the blame game, accepting responsiblity for my own actions, or non actions as the case maybe, has brought us to a new place, without discarding the good of what went before. Our children's belief in us as strong capable people has allowed us to as individuals to regroup, remember, and reclaim who I am, who we are.
I have had a busy stress filled, imobilising few months, and have worked to breakdown each day, sometimes each hour, into what can I do right now.
Until the move, I weighed my cereals each day to the weight on the serving size listed on each package, I divided up the calories for each day, and tried to do a 300 cal fast once a week, ie 300 calories for breakfast, including a protein to help keep my blood sugars balanced so I wouldn't sink into sleep/tiredness and thus not be able to do anything that day.
I also did my 20 second mad move as fast as possible in place to help burn off internal fat which high cortisol levels from sleep apnea, over the years had deposited and made it uncomfortable to do such things as gardening, low level cleaning, and which daily walks did nothing to shift, which in fact added to my stress level as a source of frustration-my knees hurt, my breathing was affect from walking where allergy were triggered. Where just the effort to overcome getting out the door was often a mountain I didn't feel capable of starting never mind climbing.
The 20 second dashes I varied from day to day sometimes jogging in place, sometimes punching out and up as fast as I good do them, trying to move as many different muscle groups in over several 20 second dashes over the course of a week.
I also made a determined effort to take my Vitamin D and magnesium supplements daily, first missing as often as not, then gradually taking them regularily. Last year was my best year ever, for feeling good mentally as well as emotionally, until we decide to purchase a new home in a larger center, but NOT sell our old home but do basic renovations to prep the house for rental. Now that bit has been sorted with a few minor details to work through, now its time to work through the stuff we moved and get rid of more 'stuff' now the weather is warming and we have access to resources to make the task easier!
Plus we have a new motivator! Our first grandchild is on the way! This has focused our purpose: to make our new home safe for him/her when he finally arrives, and to make our new home a place we are pleased to invite company too.

On my list is a new doctor since it will not be possible to run an hour and half to see my old doctor.
Thank you to the website, for their SparkPeople emails in my inbox kept reminding me that one day soon I had to get back to the site and solidify the gains I have made on my own and the need to incorporate community support, and maintenance behaviours into my feeling better life, while continuing gradual wait loss, and monitoring my blood sugar to keep them under control. With the recent death of a beloved inlaw who suffered without knowing and lost a leg to diabetes, gave up the fight at 65. How much longer would she have lived if she had known twenty or thirty years sooner, if her doctor had done his/her job right and tested her blood sugar often and supported her to loose weight? I want to make my life, my weight my fitness level a matter of lifestyle choice and not an unknowing slide into self defeat. so here I am. wish me luck!

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