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6/10/13 5:40 P

I always feel for people with thyroid dysfunction, FLORADORA... it's an impossible battle to fight without the appropriate treatment. Good for you, for going about the hard work of reversing your weight gain. You bet you're not lazy! You've just got an uncooperative thyroid, but once your doctor's normalized your thyroid function, it's going to be sooo much easier to lose that weight. All the best to you.

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6/10/13 4:28 P

So pleased I found this posting. I have been on thyroxine for just 2 months and thought I would start to a reverse of the steady weight gain. Feeling much better in myself , thank goodness, but the weight is only just holding stable with regular exercise. I am not lazy but would really like to think that I could lose a few pounds/kilos without having to exercise like crazy every day.

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3/9/13 9:46 P

Hi there. Thyroid disease can be a bummer, but once you are diagnosed and treatment is in place, you'll never know that you have it. I have hypothyroidism with a goiter and a nodule. My enodcrinologist checks my thyroid blood counts twice a year, and he checks my goiter and nodules at every visit. Periodically, I'll get an ultrasound of the nodule to make sure nothing is a miss. Yes, it is inconvenient--but other than that--life goes on. Good luck with everything! Try to keep your spirits high.

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3/9/13 9:31 P

emoticon It must be so frustrating to be in the process of awaiting more answers, even though some information is starting to come in now (the ultrasound results and your doctor's explanation). I know you'll feel more at ease when a fuller picture emerges and they're able to develop a good treatment plan to remedy the situation for you. It's easy to see how that sort of coughing could feel like it might be related to spring allergies, too.

You're taking exactly the right course by following up with an endocrinologist - well done! Keep us posted on what you hear and how you're doing, okay?

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3/9/13 7:40 P

Thanks again for all of the suggestions. I had the ultrasound this past Wednesday, and my doctor called within an hour with the news that I do have a nodule. It's near my esophagus, which explains the coughing-I thought my cough was due to mere allergies (tree pollen is already active in the South, where I am). So I have an appointment with an endocrinologist soon to investigate it more, and get bloodwork done, etc. Either way, I am NOT going down. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on eating as well as possible, and work out as much as I can-without overdoing it, of course, That's more in the sense of making sure I stay active.

Thanks again everyone! I appreciate the words of support and encouragement, and my bookworm self is going to check out those recommended books, too. :-)

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3/7/13 6:34 A

I have fought through multiple issues to finally be on the winning side of losing weight. My thyroid is finally functioning normally with medication, but it took several years to get it there. Don't be discouraged. Is so important to realize and honor yourself for all the hard work you are putting in.

I am obese too, but lost 76 pounds bringing my weight closer to normal for me. Please visit my page and add me as a friend. I know we can do this together.


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3/7/13 12:19 A


Don't think that if you have thyroid disorder you have to get up. I have been dealing with Hypothyroid disorder for 3 years. You have to work harder and eat different but there are several books. One I highly recommend is why do I still have thyroid symptoms.
ms-Tests-Normal/dp/0985690402 and The Thyroid Diet Revolution: Manage Your Master Gland of Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss

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3/3/13 12:30 P

Lots of emoticon to you, GIZMOGIRL...and I am SURE you're going to get where you want to be!

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3/3/13 10:30 A

Thank you everyone! This is a huge help to read. I think I was getting to a major frustration point, and then when the doctor told me that, it just pushed me past that point. But she is a thorough doctor, so I'm grateful for that, and grateful for everyone's encouraging words and well wishes. In terms of the fat loss, I am still technically obese. But I have lost 1.5% body fat in the past 7-8 months, so at least it's going in the direction I want. The scale concerns me only because I know my clothes aren't getting looser. I have incorporated strength training, so I know I can be building muscle, but I'm not seeing a change in my clothes (there is a test pair of jeans that I use).

That being said, onward and upward! Thanks again everyone--I really appreciate it. :-)

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3/3/13 12:53 A

I hope that the problem with your Thyroid is fixed, and fairly quickly.

After reading your post I think you are confusing weight-loss with fat loss. They are two different things. Have you had the 9 point calliper test done at the gym? If not, it would be worth asking if they do it so that you can find out for sure where you stand re body fat. Don't go for fat-measuring scales - they aren't accurate.

Congratulations, too, on getting to the gym and working out! That is fantastic :-)


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3/2/13 9:47 P

It sounds like you've got a thorough, competent doctor there who just wants to make absolutely certain everything's okay with your thyroid. (There can be benign thyroid growths or enlargement, too...) So, that's all good...but I know how hard it is to sit tight while awaiting a medical test and/or diagnosis - ugh! We're here with you...a thyroid workup can be complex at times, from what people have told me.

Otherwise, you're wonderful about working out. And as long as you 're tracking what you eat, you're doing everything right! So a big pat on the back for you and a hug while you wait for more information.

3/2/13 8:46 P

I feel your pain! I have a thyroid issue too, although mine is just low. I do hope that they find something wrong (only in the context that it can be fixed!).

All I can recommend is that you keep doing what you are doing. The weight loss will come and if it is a thyroid issue, it will just be slower. I gave up for a while and found myself gaining like crazy (I think that's from the thyroid). It is recommended that for people with thyroid issues, you focus more on strength training. You can walk, swim, play tennis, etc for hours on end but it's the strength training that gives the weight loss a 'push'. Don't get me wrong; I am not saying that doing that stuff is bad (quite the opposite!). I have noticed, at least with me, that I am more likely to lose weight after strength training than by walking. I know in general you will be building muscle and burning more calories by doing strength training but for someone with a thyroid problem, it does help!

As I said before, don't give up! Keep going! You will feel better in the long run. I had to finally convince myself that I had to exercise no matter what. I've been exercising consistently for a month and I've only lost a pound. But then again, if I don't exercise, I feel like crap and I don't have the flexibility that I like to have.

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3/2/13 8:15 P

So sorry for your frustration, and I can understand why you would be. I hope they do the testing soon, so that you will know. And, if it is the thyroid - then you have an answer. If it is not, then another opportunity to figure out why may come to you. Even if you are not seeing the weigh results that you would like - you are getting so much stronger. You should be proud of that. You are gaining so much, even if the scale is not moving right now. Wishing you the best - and hoping that you get answers soon. Hang in there - this too shall pass!!

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3/2/13 7:53 P

So, I've been busting my you-know-what at the gym lately and doing my best to eat better (that's the bigger challenge for me than getting in the gym). Lately, I've noticed that I'm not making much progress, despite my eating habits remaining the same and working out more. I went to the doctor for a prescription refill, and during the basic exam she realized my thyroid was enlarged. Since bloodwork came back normal, we're moving to an ultrasound to see if there is something the bloodwork isn't detecting.

I'm not worried insomuch that I don't think it's anything dire like cancer, but I'm super frustrated. If it is a thyroid issue, that may very well be why I'm struggling so hard. If it's not a thyroid issue, that means I have to work even harder. I'm just frustrated, and I'm impatient and want an answer soon. I won't throw in the towel, so to speak, but right now I'm feeling like, "if it is a thyroid, then why work so hard if it doesn't matter?" I know that's an immature way of looking at and this journey is about more than just weight loss. Frankly, lately I've been impressed with the stuff I've been able to do at the gym lately...stuff I never thought I was strong enough to do. But I do want to lose body fat, and now there is potentially an issue currently outside of my control until I have the results, and I'm frustrated!!!!

I know this may be rambling, but I ramble when I'm frustrated. Just not really sure how to mentally get past this. Help!

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