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2/27/14 12:21 A

Thank you Eelpie... I just caught up with this thread... I think I lost it as I had posted somewhere else in my panic and Rebecca had answered me so I thought it was the same one... Duh. Thank you for you advice/comments. I am going to look at my salt as I to am very sensitive to salt.

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2/23/14 1:39 P

If the other systems you tried made you feel drained and your hair fell out (!!!), please don't even think about them.

If you are staying in your range, every day, then chances are that it is sodium. Apparently you eat a lot of processed foods? While convenient, they are notoriously bad for having too much sodium. I avoid them at all costs, as added sodium makes me retain water like a mad woman. You can also add sodium to your tracker to see what your intake is.

Another thing, is it near your TOM? A lot of women will gain 3-8 pounds beforehand.

If you are in your range daily, just keep drinking a lot of water, and watch the sodium.

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2/23/14 1:23 P

Hello Sherilee,

Sorry for the frustration. I checked out your food trackers and it looks like it would be a benefit to you to eat more fiber. If you focus on more unprocessed food you will also reduce your sodium intake which could be part of the reason for your gain.

Good for you for tracking, it is how you will find how to tweak your caloric needs to see the scale go down. We are all individuals and sometimes need less than recommended caloric intake. ie. I can maintain on an average of 1350 calories a day and gain when I go to high end of calorie range even though I do regularly workout.

Patience and perseverance are valuable parts of this process, so stay the course and best of success to you.

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2/23/14 11:47 A

I went on the scale and it is up just over 5 pounds and now I am peaking!!! As well as second guessing all the calories it states I can eat and still lose. I am trying really hard to remember that the whole Nutri system and Herbal Magic places have you eating less than 1000 and some less than 800 cal a day but on both I have lost had no energy and my hair was falling out but... OMG!!! I am also stressed out with my surgery coming up and have not been feeling well so not getting the cardio in that I would like to. Fitbit I just missed my mark of 10,000 steps for 2 days and the 10 is a up for me from my regular day to day. I am angry, upset and very very frustrated and almost want to spill some tears. How can it be up!!! and so flipping much!!! I need to calm down and breath and regroup, process my eats again, did I mention breath!

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