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NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
7/19/13 10:13 A

I'm still loving these noob gains. Next week you will get to hear me crying about how I didn't make that 20 lbs I wanted.

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7/19/13 9:38 A

Good days, bad days. heh. Good to see you're back. So you're going up 20 pounds on the squat for next week? Wow. I'd be happy to add 20 pounds to my squat next month. haha.

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
7/19/13 9:21 A

Arreagles- I don't do one rep max, it is always to 5 for me (except power cleans).

Bill- got back to my 155 3x5 squat, and feel like next week I should be able to improve that. My OHP was a little weak today, but I suspect that is a side effect of the difficulty I had with the bench Wednesday. Deadlift I got up to my 225 1x5 max.

So, goals for next week- Squat up to 175 (which would put me over bodyweight for that exercise), Deadlift up to 225 (only one deadlift day next week, will put me at 1.5 BW) and bring my OHP and bench at least back up to 95 and 135. Finally, I did some power cleans at 115 Wednesday, but they were sloppy form so I took it back down to 95, but I will aim to get back to 115 by next week. (I may start a Friday goals for next week thread, and repost this there)

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7/18/13 9:26 P

I agree with the others that bad days happen. I found that with my lifting, I'm more concerned with my reps to failure versus my one rep max -- I always found that the one rep max had a lot to do with mindset and a lot of other factors and likely wasn't as good a measure of success. In that way, when I go up in weight, I know I can do it, it's whether I can do it between 6 and 10 times. I find that regulates my emotions better.

Although, bonus points for consistency to you, man. You're still rocking the regular lifting.

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7/18/13 8:39 P

Let us know how it ends up.

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
7/18/13 4:21 P

Alright, looking forward to tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will be able to put up some weight again. It is squat, OHP, deadlift day (plus my usual accessory pull ups, glutes and foam roll). I can usually count on the deadlift doing well, I think it is my best lift.

I suspect that the squats issue was at least partially a form issue. I will be mindful during my warm up sets and see if I can pick it up. The other lift with issues was bench press, but honestly, thats my worst lift and seems to have issues all the time.

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7/17/13 2:40 P

It happens and as you get heavier, it happens more. I disagree with the last caller who said change something. One bad session does not warrant any changes in the same way that one great session would not warrant you to ratchet up intensity either. Stick to your program!

Your program SHOULD have some sort of fail/deload plan. I personally follow the "3 strikes and you're out" rule. example: my program says hit 3 work sets of 5 reps at x weight. If you hit all 5 reps for all 3 sets, bump up the weight. If I miss, keep the weight the same. If I miss in the next session, keep the weight the same, now in the third session if I miss again, I deload 10-15% and restart the program from my new weight. If I have to deload at the same weight 3 times, the program is failing.

If you give me more specifics, I can provide specific advice, but the bottom line is that bad sessions happen, good sessions happen. Stay unemotional and follow your plan.

KOKOMAD Posts: 726
7/17/13 1:15 P

Check to make sure that you are getting enough carbs even if you are hitting your calories right.
You may also just be in a plateau. Time to mix up your routine a little?

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
7/17/13 9:36 A

Uggh, bad day in the weight room today. Didn't move up in any of my lifts, while two of my lifts I actually failed when attempting to do the same weight as last week. Not sure why, because I have been getting the calories and the sleep that I need.

I figure I will go back on Friday and Monday and those lifts should have recovered just fine. But what are your strategies for after a bad workout?

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