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5/24/13 8:19 A

I have a similar pattern. I'll lose 2-3 lbs in a short time, sometimes more than 1 lb/day, and then for the next 2-3.5 weeks, my weight will fluctuate up and down but always more than a pound higher than my "low" weight from the most recent loss. It's very frustrating but still works out to an average of 3-4 lbs/month lost which is great in my opinion. It is annoying to see the scale do that though, I 100% understand! By the way I'm not on birth control or anything else for that matter - i think it's just how my body is. Interestingly, it's NOT how my body USED to be. Ever since I turned 30, this is how my body has decided it will do things.....

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/24/13 6:17 A

DragonChilde is correct. Weight fluctuates.
Averaging is the best way to go.

I have a spreadsheet that calculates my averages for the past week, month, 45 and 90 days.
That way, I can see trends, but try not to be obsessed over fluctuations from one day to the next. I just put the number in; and leave it alone.

It's not the only way to find out if I'm healthier than I was when I began.

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5/23/13 8:07 P

What you're experiencing is completely normal. You see, your weight is not a static number as you may think, but it's more like a vital sign. It can be affected by your time of the month, sodium intake, sleep patterns, hormone fluctuations, and more. What might help you more is to track averages; I assume you're weighing daily? Pick ONE day for your official weigh-ins, and average the numbers from the previous week. That way, you're getting a picture of trends, since the actual numbers aren't that helpful for you.

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5/23/13 3:03 P

I've been actively trying to lose weight for the past 2-3 months, and while I'm definitely making some progress overall, the pattern that's showing up on the scale is really frustrating me. It seems to go like this: I appear to gradually gain weight over the course of about three to three and a half weeks, and then over the course of the following few days, I drop 2-3+ lbs. I know this isn't what's actually happening, but it's very frustrating to only see my weight loss reflected on the scale within a very narrow window of time...and to see it creep up-up-up outside of that time frame!

I suspect it has something to do with my birth control (I take TriNessa, which is generic Ortho Tri Cyclen - 28 day pack), as I generally see my weight loss reflected as I'm finishing one pack/starting another. (Then again, maybe I'm just looking for something to blame and am totally off base?) Regardless, it's driving me nuts! Any thoughts/insights/advice would be very appreciated! (Any at all! The first time I posted this, I didn't get any replies, which was also frustrating :/ )

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