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P_CASSI Posts: 54
10/13/11 8:09 P

You guys are really awesome. Thank you so much. I tend to get caught up in my own head quite a bit (if that makes any sense), and with the extra stress lately it's been harder to keep the bad habits in check and the good ones on track. After reading your replies I decided I wasn't going to sit around getting all upset, I put down my drink, put away the pizza, had a piece of nicotine gum (that's what I've been on too) and for 30 minutes I ran 10km on my elliptical machine! It might not sound like much, but I swear I don't think I've ever run that far in such short a time in my life. The most I've been able to do in the last month is 6km but that was broken up into an entire afternoon. Now, instead of feeling regret or frustration (well, as frustrated) I'm really proud of myself and I have you guys to thank. This really is a great website and I'm glad there are other people around who have similar experiences to share.

10/13/11 7:27 P

Giving in to those temptations: cigarettes, eating another slice of pizza, etc. won't help you feel less stressed or frustrated. I think it's great to let your feelings out--don't bottle them up--and then do something that will help you de-stress. A walk, a bath, some soothing music, something you enjoy...

Finding ways to relax will help will help you reach your goals without doing something that will make you feel regret or more frustration for giving in to the temptation.

I quit smoking over 5 years ago and the desire will come back but giving in to it doesn't help me feel better. Stress eating doesn't release stress, it causes more of it.

Hope you feel better!


23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
10/13/11 6:22 P

I have the gum for the cigarette cravings and a glass of ice water with a drinking straw helps even more! It's okay to be frustrated, it's okay to vent. If people that you see face to face would take offense or be upset, by all means, vent here. The social aspect of Spark is one of their best features.
I think we all get to a point where the positive sayings are just redundant. Get some angry music, a bottle of water and hand weights or resistance bands and put them to use. When you've spent all that negative energy, it'll be a lot easier to hear 'it'll work out' etc. emoticon

P_CASSI Posts: 54
10/13/11 6:17 P

I don't know why I'm posting here really. I just keep thinking how frustrated and fed up I am and how there is no one I can say that to. The people I would either don't really care or would just get pissed. I quit smoking over a month ago, in the last week I have had two cigarettes. I haven't told anyone and I'm having a really hard time not going back to it. I ate more tonight than I have most of the week and I'm really trying to stop. I lost my job a couple weeks ago and it just seems to keep creeping in how much it really bothers me. I know that I should just stick with "it's a blessing in disguise" or "everything happens for a reason, it'll work out". And believe it or not I have been, I'm just having a hard time believing that lately. I feel like I just really screwed up and like I'm totally alone. I know how pathetic that sounds and I probably should just suck it up. I just thought I'd give it one last go before I cave and have another cigarette, another drink and another piece of pizza.

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