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1/17/14 12:08 P

Don't give in.
As always you have to train your body and mind to change. It takes time.
I have this trouble with cakes, pastries, just sweet. I could also go for a grilled onion cheddar burger from mcd's.
In order for success be patient and it will come. I have tried the ww and Jenny Craig which I will say both work however after stopping I have gained every bit back. This time I am deleted processed sugars and eating healthier. Different mindset.
Good Luck! emoticon

GUDDIGO Posts: 1,081
1/17/14 11:31 A

Thank you all for the suggestions....I like LadyCJMs....but I did reduce by about 100 calories a week and tried to burn extra 50 calories a day.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,025
1/17/14 11:18 A

I too took a peek at your food tracker and I'm not surprised you're starving!

I don't know how much you were eating before, but sometimes you are missing complete meals or replacing dinner with cereal. Lady CJM has some excellent suggestions that I can't improve on. I think you'll find her post really helpful and, if you take on board some of those suggestions, you'll feel far more satisfied.

But ... regarding McD ... I do occasionally eat there. (Maybe 3x a year when I'm travelling or shopping.) And when I eat there I have a Happy Meal - around 500 cals, and find an unsuspecting family with small children to give the toy to. That may not be the most healthy lunch, but it keeps me going till dinner time and it doesn't do too much damage to my calorie count.

Don't give up - as you say, you've been trying so hard and these cravings will diminish and you'll find that you eventually prefer to eat more healthy food.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/17/14 10:35 A

I reiterate previous comments about cravings. If you can just hang on, they will diminish.

I happen to be restricted-carb (by prescription, not on a whim). I know that if I get into much in the way of carbs - especially grains - it sets up a craving I can barely control. ANY kind of carbs. Including sugary fruit. When I let my daily carbs creep up around 100g (which I do more often than I'd like), I stall in addition to having to fight those urges. Just isn't worth it, IMO.

The only thing I can do is to just get brutal with myself. Do Not Go There. Stoppit.
From the lifestyle I follow (LC), the recommendations are that fat satiates. Low/no/reduced fat foods contribute to hunger. If I'm really hungry, I eat some bacon. Eating carbs, for me (as already noted), sets up nearly uncontrollable hungers. So, I will get a moderate (normal) level of protein, increase my fats, and cut carbs as far as I can. For the moment, this works very well for me, and I'm not going 'round starving and eyeing (or thinking about) every scrap and crumb of food around me.

You'll have to work out what works for you. You can do it, though. The first stretch is the worst. You'll get past it, honest. And once you start eating "real" food, as a previous poster mentioned, if you happen to "indulge" yourself with a previously appreciated food, you might be surprised at how much un-food-like it is now... and how your body rebels at being "insulted" with having to process it!
That's a *good* thing!

Good luck. Dig in and be stubborn!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (502,265)
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1/16/14 11:59 P

Sometimes we have to force ourselves to stop thinking about food.

CHRISTMAS2014 SparkPoints: (1,630)
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1/16/14 11:36 P

My new healthy burger is a grilled, morningstar farms veggie burger patty on wholegrain thin bread rounds, a thick slice of tomato, baby spinach instead of lettuce, onion, dill pickle chips, a slice of low fat cheese, ketchup, mustard and baked sweet potato fries.
it kills the quarter pounder craving, hits the spot, tastes like a grilled burger, really much better for you too. I am a meateater, and this is an acceptable non cheat burger and fries for me! You also avoid the awful intestinal revolt that happens when your body is re introduced to a high fat meal! Cheating, if it is planned, controlled, and occasional is okay. Finding good tasting substitutes that work within your plans that you can have any day of the week is a nice victory over cravings.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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1/16/14 9:53 P

I took a peek at your food tracker. I would be hungry too!
Can you add more fruits and veggies into your diet? Foods with more fiber would also help you feel fuller. Also increasing your protein will make you feel fuller.

A couple of suggestions:
Add a fiber bar or a bowl of oatmeal to your breakfast coffee. Or a protein shake or smoothie.

Add a mid day snack of a couple of apples and 2 Tbsp PB or a piece of high fiber bread with 2 Tbsp PB.

Or add a snack of carrots, celery and hummus.

For dinner instead of cereal maybe a chicken breast and some salad or other veggies.

Before I started this journey I was easily eating 3000 to 5000 calories a day. If you were eating a lot before you started then dropping to 1500 calories a day may have been too drastic. If you were eating 4000 calories a day, go to 3000 for a week. Then 2500 for a week. Then 2000 for week. etc. I had to decrease my intake over a period of weeks or I would have starved to death! emoticon

You can do this, we do not have to be perfect, we just have to keep plugging along.

HHUGHES71 SparkPoints: (104,324)
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1/16/14 6:43 P

Hang in there, you CAN do this!!! The cravings will come, but you have to decide what is more important to you, McD's or your goals. I gave up cokes back in Sept and was really craving one. On Christmas Day, I decided that one coke w/ my lunch was not going to undo all of my hard work. My loving hubby made sure that I had one in the fridge and when we sat down to lunch, I started to drink my coke and it was awful! It tasted bitter and I couldn't finish it. My stomach also totally revolted. When you have been eating clean, I can promise that your body will revolt at the first sign of junk food. The misery is just not worth it.

Hang in there!

GOALWTIN7 SparkPoints: (2,121)
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1/16/14 6:39 P

Instead of telling yourself you crave McDonalds, tell yourself you crave a hamburger and fries. Then make yourself a hamburger using a measured amount of grass fed beef on a whole wheat bun. A thick slice of tomato on it, dark green lettuce, and a sauce for the bread that you measure out. Just track it. For fries, slice a potato like fries, brush with olive oil, salt, white pepper and bake till crispy. Dip in spicy ketchup. This is what I do. Much better tasting and a lot healthier than a fast food hamburger.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (220,400)
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1/16/14 6:06 P

can you accept a substitute for your craving?

when I want a burger & fries, I BAKE a black bean patty and some fries on my pizza stone.

when I crave fried chicken, I bake breaded chicken tenders on my pizza stone. Same for fried fish - bake the breaded fillets.

if the substitute just won't cut it for you, plan for your MCD's meal to fit in your calorie range. And try your best to go LOW sodium with everything else you eat that day.

sometimes the ONLY way to beat a craving is to give in to it - just a little!


TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
1/16/14 6:01 P

Unfortunatly those cravings are going to happen, your body has been slowly programmed to believe those are the things which will satisfy it's needs. They aren't. It will be a slow process to change your brain take it a bit at a time.

Of me when cravings arise I do something to take my mind off of it for a bit and usually my "hunger" goes away. Try taking a walk instead or dance to some music or read what ever you can lose yourself in fpor a while. As long as you are actually eating enough to sustain you bodies needs then the cravings are just that, cravings, and can be ignored. It'll take time and will power to change DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!


MBRASSFIELD2 SparkPoints: (5,352)
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1/16/14 5:55 P

I am so frustrated right now. I have done so good the past two weeks. Today I drank more water in a day than I have ever drank, but the problem is I still feel hungry and I am craving McDonald's so bad. I am just mad because I am really having trouble with this craving. Needing support!!!

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