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8/25/13 1:29 P

folks here have run the gamut of suggestions, without some more input from you regarding some of the questions posed below, all suggestions are just stabs in the dark.


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8/25/13 12:18 P

Another issue is that you don't have all that much weight to lose. At your height, 148 is not obese. People with less weight to lose tend to lose it more slowly than people who have a lot to lose. Your expectations about how much you want to lose quickly may be a bit unrealistic.

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8/24/13 2:07 P

do you accurately track how many calories you BURN though? you may need to eat more than you think. do you track your caloric burn accurately? a HRM may help you track your caloric burn more accurately so you can adjust your food as needed.

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8/23/13 7:54 P

also, "going at this pretty solo" is a big part of the problem emoticon

a HUGE part of peoples' success here is usually the support system.

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8/23/13 7:53 P

how long have you been doing the running? it's possible your body is just really used to it, and/or you're underestimating how many calories you're actually eating?

do you do any weight training besides resistance? you might find some good results incorporating some heavy weights to build more muscle and burn more at rest.

also, interval training instead of flat-out running is really good...

good luck!

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8/23/13 2:11 P

It can take as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale, especially when you start or intensify a new exercise program. Water retention from the exercise can mask fat loss, but that doesn't mean that changes aren't happening.

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8/23/13 1:37 P

I would think you would be losing weight on 1300-1500 calories daily.
Can you make your nutrition tracker public. This may help us in determining what is going on. Let me know if you need the steps to make the tracker public.

Have you noticed any change in how your "tight jeans" fit, loss in inches, etc??

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8/23/13 1:27 P

Hey everyone. I've been going at this pretty solo, but I just weighed in today and I got so frustrated and upset with my weight loss. Basically, I didn't lost any weight this week and didn't last week either.

I'm not sure what is going on but I'll post some information about myself so maybe one of you can give me some advice as to what I'm doing wrong...

Basic stats: 5'4, 21 years old, currently 148 pounds.

Exercise: I run at most 5 days a week anywhere from 3 to 8 miles. Right now I'm running a little less than a 10 min mile. Some days I also incorporate squats, lunges, ab work and other exercises like that.

Food: I log my food every day on an app on my iphone. I just checked back a week and my calories were mostly between 1300-1500. On my 8 mile run this week I ate 1700. I usually am closer to 1500 calories per day. So I'd say my average calorie intake is 1500 cals, except for days I run significantly longer. I would consider myself a healthy eater.

I don't know what is going on but I haven't lost weight in two weeks. Am I eating too much? Am I not exercising enough?

I'll take any and all advice! :)

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