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2/2/14 1:13 P

If you cut out the fast food entirely and start doing some exercise you will see better results.

Even three days a week would be a huge improvement for you. If you can maintain that, then you can step up the intensity and move beyond just walking, After that you could move up six days a week of exercise and go from there.

2/2/14 11:44 A

Thank you all for the responses and encouragement. I'm going to stick with what I'm doing and "just keep trucking". I know I'm exercising more and eating less than I was three weeks ago, so eventually I should start seeing some results.

Thank you everyone!

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2/2/14 8:58 A

I'd keep at it a bit longer before concluding it's not working -- at least a month to six weeks. That said, it's entirely possible that the reason you're not seeing any overt results yet is that the changes you have made are not yet large enough to see results quickly. For a mostly sedentary woman, with not much exercise, 1561 daily is quite possibly only a couple hundred calories below true maintenance, which would lead to a loss of only about a half pound per week, possibly less. While such a loss is real, and would add up perfectly well over time, it can also be very difficult to see on the scale over the short term. You can easily gain or lose 2-3 pounds from your "normal" in water weight in a single day, not even doing anything differently than the day before. If you're losing at a half pound per week pace, that's only 2 pounds per month of actual non-water weight lost, something the scale can hide very easily.

So if you're comfortable doing what you're doing and don't want or need to lose any more quickly than you probably are, just be patient and in a couple of months you'll probably be seeing numbers that are (more or less) consistently 4 or 5 pounds below where you are now. If you do want to or need to lose faster, though, you'll probably have to look into ways to boost your calorie deficit by another 2-300 calories a day, so that you can expect a loss closer to one pound a week, which is much easier to see on the scale over the short term. Going for a consistent burn of 1-200 calories a day might be part of that, along with further reducing calories by 1-200 calories a day.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
2/1/14 4:44 P

A 1561 daily calorie average is great for weight loss for almost everyone and it doesn't matter if you are 20 calories up or down from your target.

I'd give it more time before concluding that your plan isn't working. Weight loss/maintenance is not really linear and there are a lot of things that impact us on the scale.

Just keep on keeping on with your sensible plan and all will be well.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/1/14 1:35 P

I personally wouldn't worry about being *11* calories over your SP weight loss range; mathematically speaking, for that to result in an actual gain, you'd have to eat 11 calories over your *maintenance* range for almost a full year, and the weight loss range is usually considerably lower than the maintenance range. If the weight loss range is designed to elicit a fairly large deficit, being off by 11 calories wouldn't make you gain. It would just slow down your loss, at the extremely tiny rate of 0.02 lbs per week or just over a pound per year. A Spark range designed to lose a pound a week expects a daily deficit of 500 calories, and 11 calories is only a tiny fraction of that. Besides, it's virtually impossible to be so exacting about your calorie tracking that you won't have a margin of error considerably larger than that, even if you use a calorimeter.

1561 calories per day is most likely lower than your BMR. For example, a 122 lb woman, aged 40 years and 5'4" tall, with a sedentary (but not bed-bound) activity level, requires 1561 calories per day to maintain. If you are heavier, younger, taller, or more active than that, eating that amount of calories per day will hypothetically result in a net loss, even if it is a very small one.

Of course, the math is usually pretty accurate but does not work 100% for everyone, especially if you're only measuring over a short period of time. There are a hundred reasons why you might show a gain even on a caloric deficit. Three weeks simply is not a long enough period of time to determine if your intake is too high, but it is very unlikely that 1561 calories per day is too high for weight loss, if you're exercising even a little.

2/1/14 12:39 P

ACERESOLA, I would try to gradually incorporate more exercise. It sounds like you're trying on food, and you're doing pretty well, though there may be room for improvement. If you can find some kind of activity you'll do regularly, it will speed up the rate at which you burn calories even when you're sitting still. I think you're on the right track -- but don't eat fast food (at least not sandwiches and fries -- salads may be OK) and don't stop tracking your calories, and add in some more exercise. You have to burn more than you consume. Don't give up though.

JODIHAFE Posts: 38
2/1/14 11:39 A

I agree. 100-500 over and a regular basis will for sure have you gain.

This is what I do. I shoot for my low end, knowing that I will almost always go over. I just definitely try to stay within my range. I know doing this, there will be about 1 day that I go over (and if I do that day, I try to get some exercise in).

The saying is true....calories in vs calories out. Can not consistently go over and still lose.

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2/1/14 11:09 A

1560 is over your max limit. If the government told you they were going to take out more than the maximium amount from your paycheck, but just by a little, would you be ok with that? I wouldn't, and our bodies are the same. Numbers are cut and dry, no room for interpretation. If 1550 is that max at which a body can maintain, it will gain with 1560.

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2/1/14 10:34 A

! It isn't easy! I weigh each morning and the numbers vary little..It takes an entire life change to lose weight, at least for me. My doctor says that I should stay exactly where I am in weight, however wouldn't it be lovely to loose just those last 5 pounds that we all wish to accomplish.?.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,566
2/1/14 10:25 A

The previous poster has given you some good advice. Also, whenever you make a change to your exercise routine, your muscles tend to retain water. It's a temporary thing, but can cause an increase on the scale. It sounds like you're on the right track, so try to be patient and hang in there!

Coach Jen

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
2/1/14 10:15 A

Unfortunately, weight loss is not a linear process. You can do everything "right" (eat less, have a calorie deficit, exercise, etc.) and still maintain or gain over a week or two. It could be because of water retention, hormones, stress, or a host of other reasons.

Try to be patient with yourself. It took 8 weeks of effort and not an ounce lost before I finally lost my first 2lbs on the scale. Some peoples bodies are just like that.

Good luck.

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2/1/14 9:57 A

wow today i really fell off the wagon i ate about 2 cups of potaoe salad what a was over 1000 calories and i havent even had my lunch or dinner..although i did loose a couple of pound but it doesnt give me the right to do that..dang im mad at my self today..

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2/1/14 9:44 A

We started a weight loss challenge three weeks ago at work. The perfect motivation to get me back into "weight loss mode". I have been tracking my food (I missed one day of entry) and being honest about what I have been eating. Most days I have stayed within my calorie intake. I had 4 days out of 20 that I went out of my caloric intake by between 100-500 calories. When I average out the 20 days my calories are at 1561 average. My daily max is supposed to be 1550. I have been eating healthy most days but have strayed a couple of days with fast food, so I can say I have been low fat the whole month.

I had 3 days out of 20 that I did some form of exercise. Some days it was just walking others it was my tread climber and yoga.

The first week of challenge I lost weight. The second week I started my monthly menstration but was able to maintain that week. The third week I gained a pound. Now I'm getting sightly frustrated.

I started at 210 pounds and was maintaining. So I probably was eating about 2100 calories a day. I wasn't exercising at all. So I'm not understanding how lowering my calories and uping my exercise I'm not losing. I can't even say my measurements have changed. My clothes are fitting looser.....nothing. I could tell myself maybe I'm gaining clothes aren't fitting differently so....

I'm looking for some advice for something I can try.

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