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MELICIOUS26 SparkPoints: (17,376)
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6/26/13 2:12 P

Thank you everyone!! for reminding me that there is a big picture than the scale. I do feel better, and I've noticed that my workouts on the elliptical are getting easier (I even turned up the resistance just this morning). I know I can do this, sometimes I just need a little reassurance. Thanks again, and congrats to all of you for making the choice to become a healthier you

LETSGOBOLTS SparkPoints: (18,222)
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6/26/13 1:49 P

Melicious, I'm in exactly the same boat. I've been working out and eating well, hitting my calorie goal daily and my workout goal weekly, and I haven't seen a change in the scale or in my measurements for a few weeks now. I'm trying very hard to keep up my motivation despite my frustration.

Instead of focusing on what isn't changing, I'm trying to stay focused on the positive, which is that my efforts make me feel good. I have more energy when I eat well, I sleep better when I workout regularly, and I look forward to my workouts (especially my weekend hike--gives me something to look forward to all week long!). I also try to keep in mind that I AM improving my body, even if I'm not changing what I weigh: my brain is getting more oxygen, my heart is pumping blood more efficiently, I'm improving my stamina, I'm reducing my visceral fat, and I'm loading up on the nutrients it needs. I'm making my body more healthy, even if I'm not currently making it more thin, so my efforts have a payoff, even if I can't SEE it.

Good luck!

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6/26/13 1:40 P

i NEVER weigh myself. Its always a downer. Instead try on clothes that you think may fit and make it a goal shirt or pants ect. I always know by how clothes fit and the way my body feels. Whatever ist is you are doing keep it up u go girls

JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,119)
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6/26/13 1:08 P

Don't watch the scale so much. I measure myself. One time, I compared measurements from two months apart, and it showed I lost some inches, but the scale never showed it! That just goes to show the transformation it takes to lose fat and gain muscle is a slow process, and that weight isn't always important between one week, a few weeks, and the next. I always noticed that my weight will go up slightly just before I lose again. Just keep going, you'll notice it will go down still, given you are within your caloric intake needs, and you continue exercising and drinking plenty of water and feeding yourself nutritious foods.

PERFECTVELVET SparkPoints: (62,807)
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6/26/13 1:08 P

Advice: emoticon

Get rid of the scale! Or use it to find trends. Don't use it as the end-all of your journey. You're going to come out of this healthier and happier, stronger and more confident; the weight loss is just a by-product of that.

Use other non-scale determinations of your health. Every month, do a mini fitness test. Set a stop watch for 1 minute and see how many crunches, push ups, squats, lunges, etc you can do. Next month, watch those numbers increase! Measure yourself and check it next month -- bet you drop some inches!

The more you weigh, the faster you'll drop weight. The closer you get to your goal, the harder and longer it's going to take. So don't get discouraged. Depending on how long you've been doing this, you could just be freaking your body out!

Some articles:

And remember, this is a lifestyle. You're going to be doing this FOR LIFE. The weight WILL come off.

MELICIOUS26 SparkPoints: (17,376)
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6/26/13 12:28 P

Ugh ... I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I work out everyday. I eat what I'm supposed to (one little oops on Saturday with a couple Pina Coladas) and the scale skyrocketed 4lbs since last week. I know there are multiple reasons why that could be, but knowing them doesn't make me feel any better. I feel like I'm working really hard and I'm just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Any secrets or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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