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1/16/13 2:35 P

I agree with learning whats seasonal for your area.

Also, check out if you can your stores special offers online and plan meal plans around whats on offer... that also means you get to eat a wide range of things.

Does your store reduce prices on some food close to sell by dates at the end of the day? I have got amazing reductions shopping like that.

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
1/16/13 2:11 P

Sticking to sales and seasonal fruits/veggies are both great ideas that will help. You can also see if there are any local farmer's markets near you. This time of year, depending on where you live, can get a little tricky but during the summer, the farmers often have LOADS of fresh produce for very cheap. I know some people will go right before closing time to see if they can get extra deals off the stuff the farmers don't want to take home. Good luck!

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1/16/13 2:01 P

Frozen fruit is cheaper. A bag of frozen veggies are usually a dollar. Buy the off brand.

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1/16/13 11:46 A

Certain produce is always under $1 per pound. Specifically, you can get carrots, cabbage, bananas, celery, etc on the cheap. Plus, you can get away with eating frozen vegetables too. They're nearly as good as fresh, in my opinion. Shop the sales - skip the packaged, processed foods - and you can eat healthy for less money.

MORNINGGLORY609 Posts: 130
1/16/13 11:45 A

I, too, am on a limited budget. Very. Limited. I find that when I buy seasonally that it saves me a lot of money. For example, in the winter I only really buy fresh squashes, citrus, and potatoes, whereas I'll save my strawberry-buying for the summer time, when they're in season. They taste fresher, too, when you know they've been harvested just recently. Out-of-season foods are way more expensive than in-season. That should help a little.

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1/16/13 11:41 A

I have a limited income and I am trying to eat better. I have cut out alot of the bed stuff and I'm proud of that. The challenge I have now is adding in the good. My primary issue is fresh fruit and Veggies, which I LOVE but.... they are pricey in the best situations. Any suggestions for getting the fruits and veggies in my diet and still paying my rent?

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