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Fruit that Burn Calories!!!

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Posts: 54,957
12/18/12 8:15 A

Is there a reliable source you can cite (based on proven research) that shows these foods actually burn fat? I'm not sure those claims have anything to back them up.

Coach Jen

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12/18/12 6:40 A

LOL @ Motivated@Last.

Yeah... fruit is great; some complex carbs (fibre) and vitamins in there but foods don't help to burn fat. Activity and exercise does. Caffeine is the only thing I've heard of that helps burn fat because it raises your heart rate slightly but it's not signficant enough to have any effect on your overall fat loss.

Posts: 13,903
12/18/12 5:44 A

I'm all for encouraging people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

But you forgot to add that fruit grown on moose pasture will magically burn even more fat.

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12/18/12 5:10 A

I just binged on 46 lemons. I should be fat free in a few hours!

Posts: 4,848
12/18/12 5:02 A

Watermelon burns calories: get a nice big heavy one, pick it up and put it down a bunch of times. That will burn some calories.

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Posts: 5
12/18/12 4:35 A

Great fat burning fruit list and like to add apples, pear, berries in the list also as they are great fruits to burn fat. Exercise regulalry as it will burn your body fat, drink more water than routine and drink 3/4 cups of green tea daily to burn fat and boost metabolism.Here are some fruits which burns fats and maintain health.

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