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3/27/13 5:10 P

Berries have the least impact on blood sugar.....all kinds of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries,blackberries, bosenberries.....Low carb fruits are peaches pears, plums, Apricots, kiwi, apples. You could even make a fruit slushie.

Berries are low in calories too!

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3/27/13 2:05 P

Wow thanks for the replies everyone!

It's kind of difficult to weigh the fruit before and after since I'm doing it mostly at work, plus the fact that the fruit sits in the water until I drink it all, so it's absorbing water which would probably distort the weight.

I'm probably going to just cut the fruit serving count in half and do it that way.

3/27/13 1:54 P

The fruit is all you would need to calculate.
Is there anyway to determine the amount of juice used. Or weigh the fruit before and after. For example: orange juice
1/2 cup = 60 calories
124 grams = 60 calories
4 fluid ounces = 60 calories.

If you weighed the orange before and after---this would give you the gram amount of juice. I could help with the calculations.

Dietitian Becky

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3/27/13 1:35 P

If you're using mint, zero. Mint is like tea; it has no calories worth tracking. If you EAT the leaf, you might get 1 or 2 calories, but absolutely nothing worth tracking in your tracker.

Fruit's another story; I don't know how that works, but it seems to me like you'd be getting some of the juice. How much I don't know; I would say zero fiber, and if you wanted to, you could weigh whatever it is beforehand, and then after, and see what the difference is.

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3/27/13 1:21 P

interesting question, the most calories in fruits comes from the juice so if a lot of the juice is extracted into the water I would count it as a 1/2 serving to be conservative.

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3/27/13 12:52 P

Personally I just track it as water. It is not from the store so i don't have to worry about the sugar substitutes they put in it. As far as the sugar, I don't think it is as important to note since it will be considerably less than eating a piece of fruit. I don't have an infuser. i just put the water into a ball jar, put in the herbs, fruit and veggies and seal it up for a few hours. I have very large jars so I only drink about 1/2 at a time.

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3/27/13 12:06 P

So I recently obtained an AquaZinger, which is a water bottle with a built in fruit infuser. I've never been a fan of flavored water, but this has changed that and helped tremendously with keeping up with water consumption.

I do have a question though: When friut and herbs (I generally use mint) get ground up and the flavor is released into the water, how much of the sugar and calorie content is released with it? I'm not eating the whole fruit, so I'm assuming it's less, but I was wondering how I should add it to my nutrition tracker.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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