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4/29/13 1:36 P

Also, check this out

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4/29/13 1:04 P

The Perfect Produce link is the one I was looking for. I had bought some mangos and didn't have any idea how to tell if they were ripe or how to cut them up. Thanks to both of you!

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4/29/13 10:49 A

The one that I really like is found under "Articles and Videos", on the "Nutrition" page:

Hope this helps!

4/28/13 8:19 P

Does this look familiar; or one of the reference articles at the end of this article??


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4/28/13 7:53 P

Someone posted a link to a fruit and vegetable guide that gave a lot of information about how to determine ripeness, how to prepare, etc. Does anyone know what that link is?

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