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11/29/12 9:59 A

Frozen bananas work great - buy them when they're on sale, or buy slightly over-ripe, reduced ones, peel and freeze them until you're ready to use them.

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11/29/12 9:34 A

ok thanks, I never go to those areas and guess I always assumed frozen fruits should be next to the veggies. Thanks

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/29/12 8:56 A

you can also check the frozen dessert section or sometimes where the frozen breakfast items are. sometimes people like to put fruit on their waffles or pancakes.

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11/29/12 8:51 A

KYLAR_STERN --- it's usually next to the pie crusts, canned juices section in the freezer (in Walmart).

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11/29/12 8:42 A

Where have you found the frozen fruit in Walmart!?!?! I've looked, All I can find is frozen veggies, potatoes, and then a boatload of prepackaged forzen dinners. Are they around that area and just hidden well, or somewhere else?

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11/29/12 3:40 A

Thanks for the tips. Hopefully Ill be able to find some frozen fruit somewhere. I tried freezing some mango and it ended up all sticking together hahaha...main reason why I thought Id ask if anyone knows of a good place to buy some in Australia

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11/28/12 12:35 P

Sorry, we have Walmart and Sam's. We take so much for granted here in Louisiana. The freezing is a good idea, check the internet for freezing tips to make sure that your fruit is frozen correctly. Best of luck. emoticon

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11/28/12 9:49 A

Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? I always buy frozen mango and pineapple there.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/28/12 9:42 A

you can buy fresh and then freeze it yourself. I do that all the time with fruits in season.

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11/28/12 6:18 A

Whole Foods also carries a wide variety of frozen fruit (although I'm not sure if they are international.)

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11/28/12 12:59 A

Sadly, we don't have Walmart here in Australia :(

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11/28/12 12:38 A

WalMart has a bag of frozen fruit that has mango, pineapple, peaches and strawberries. I use it to make my smoothies out of. I also like to thaw out about a cup and top it with yogurt. The quality of the fruit is really good and the price is decent for the size of the bag.

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11/28/12 12:26 A

Hey all! I have been looking for frozen fruit to add to my breakfast protein shake and all I seem to find is frozen berries. Can't seem to find frozen mango or any other frozen fruit. I've looked at woollies and Coles but can't seem to anything :( any ideas where to look?

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