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WHOVIAN85 Posts: 861
3/18/13 7:05 A

to me yes they are and we don't eat them in our house, shoot we don't even own a microwave by choice. Everything we eat in this house is either fresh or frozen, hardly eat canned foods. I have to watch my sodium too.

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BILL60 Posts: 535,257
3/18/13 7:02 A

Yes they are.

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (107,996)
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Posts: 2,954
3/18/13 6:31 A

I do feel that they are processed foods but in a pinch a better alternative to MacDonald's. The only thing is that the sodium content tends to be quite high.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,882
3/17/13 8:33 P

They are processed.

If you were going to eat frozen dinners. They are a better option than the regular ones I think. Should be used in moderation though.

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SPOORK Posts: 1,193
3/17/13 8:13 P

They are definitely processed foods - look at the ingredient lists.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
3/17/13 7:15 A

In my personal opinion they are. They do have a lot of sodium as some one mentioned, but so do things like pickles, LOL. I don't really eat them that often (too expensive for one thing, and they don't fill me up for another).

BILL60 Posts: 535,257
3/17/13 6:18 A


"Excellence is but for the few."
WELLNESSME09 Posts: 7,634
3/17/13 6:00 A

I believe they are, they also have way too much sodium, that is why I would never buy them or eat!

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RONIGH Posts: 631
3/17/13 5:58 A

I think they are. I've tried a lot of different brands, they are all high in sodium, with probably 1 exception, the Lean Cusine range.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,223
3/17/13 5:34 A

Read the ingredients list, it is long and half the stuff I can't pronounce. Yes I'd call it processed and I stay away from them. I make my own frozen meals when I batch cook and I think they taste a lot better.

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 1,791
3/16/13 10:27 P

I would say they are processed but I am no expert. I think of how they need to be preserved - for shelf life - and some kind of processing must be involved.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (257,095)
Fitness Minutes: (252,438)
Posts: 3,775
3/16/13 10:26 P

I never bought them or read the ingredients, but I'll bet some are processedl

ALISALEA Posts: 161
3/16/13 10:16 P

I keep a few in the freezer at work for days when I don't have good leftovers to take for lunch. I wouldn't want to eat them every day though.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (205,417)
Fitness Minutes: (81,117)
Posts: 10,371
3/16/13 9:31 P

Definitely they are processed (unless you're making your own, which I also do sometimes). With that said, I believe in moderation (and for me, big moderation), they are OK. I almost always add either a salad or some frozen veggies to go with.

I also agree that they are a step up from fast food.

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (239,717)
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3/16/13 8:04 P


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CHESAKAT41 SparkPoints: (67,859)
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3/16/13 7:25 P

Yes and very expense - they are good if you like garbage in your stomach that you don't know anything about how the meal was prepared!

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LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,332
3/16/13 7:12 P

They are very much processed foods.
I don't buy them.
I think if you have them occasionally it isn't terrible but if you are eating them every day it is not the healthiest choice.

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
3/16/13 2:13 P

Yes, I don't eat them!


GIASBASH6260 Posts: 170
3/16/13 1:27 P

Yes! They are highly processed - full of chemicals and full of salt and sometimes added sugar! You're far better off making your own meals with natural ingredients!! :)

3/16/13 12:48 P

Despite the articles claim of "good nutrition" on several of the frozen food choices, I trust those meals just about as far as I can throw them, which I would be likely to do if some told me I had to eat them.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
3/16/13 12:19 P

Yes, they are processed and I used to buy a few too to have as a fast go to when say coming home from a busy day. That was then though, and not now since I seen on 20/20 where calories. Some were off by 300 calories and the fat grams were off too, just everything was off and not true.They had many easily off by 200-250 calories. I hadn't bought any since. No telling what fillers are in those things too. Really, if you get baggies or small containers you can cook a large pot or casserole of you own dish and freeze them up and zap in microwave yourself. On 20/20 they had people who ate those along with other things in their day. They recorded everything they ate and calorie counted and all that jazz but still gained weight, why because of those meals sending them off their calorie and fat intake. Those diet package foods are like eating fast food, but smaller portion and no flavor.

PHDMAMA06 SparkPoints: (80,108)
Fitness Minutes: (87,963)
Posts: 6,058
3/16/13 11:38 A

I do think they are processed food, so I try not to have too many frozen meals. But I do eat maybe one or two a week just because they are so easy to take to work, and I don't always get around to cooking any big batch meals.

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3/16/13 11:23 A

this weekend I am making up some frozen meals from big batch cooking, so I can have the convenience of a frozen meal with control of the ingredients.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (120,967)
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Posts: 7,990
3/16/13 11:12 A

I agree with Ruth. I buy a few when the grocer has them on special. I don't eat them often, but I do keep some in the freezer for a quick meal when I just don't have the time or energy to cook.

I like the Lean Cuisine spinach pizza and the Kashi entrées that include their pilaf

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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,094
3/16/13 10:26 A

Personally, I keep a few in the freezer so I've got something quick and "brainless" to grab on a day when there isn't anything else, or no time, to pack for lunch. I agree with the article's assessment that you may need to add more vegetables or a salad and fruit, to really make a meal out of some of them. And definitely, not all frozen entrees are "created equal"; those people watching their sodium intake really need to read the labels.

IMO diet entrees are indeed processed foods; but I don't think that means it's "bad" to occasionally include them in your diet if you choose to. Beats fast food or skipping lunch.

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SHERYLDS Posts: 14,425
3/16/13 10:12 A

packaged diet entrées are a convenient way to enjoy comfort foods in portion-controlled single servings that help eliminate the risk of overeating. (examples: Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, and Weight Watchers). There has been an increasing demand among consumers for natural ingredients and fewer additives,

Consumer Reports had an interesting article on Diet Meals ( I could not get the video to work but the text is helpful)

WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ON Diet Entrées...?

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