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3/17/12 10:16 A

Maybe you should work with your daughter on a way to politely but firmly let this other child know that her behavior isn't acceptable. I think frustration comes from feeling helpless, like she must put up with this other child's behavior, where as letting her express her opinion in a constructive manner may keep her from saying something in anger.

3/15/12 2:41 P

My daughter is 12 and is experiencing huge friendship challenges with an 11 year old who is in several different circles in our life. This 11 year old is very immature, is an only child and tends to throw fits and tantrums to get her way-whether it's with her mom or other kids. I've been watching my daughter become increasingly frustrated with her and I think that she's at her end. I'm afraid of this irritation tipping over until she says something nasty (which would be very unlike my daughter).

Does anyone have any thoughts about ways I can help my daughter let go of the irritation and calmly put up with the behavior in these situations? We do not have the ability to drop out of all the circles that we share so continued contact is inevitable.

Thanks for any advice.

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