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3/1/10 5:34 P

I agree!

MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 638
2/28/10 9:56 P

Not clicking on the email link is a pretty easy fix.

Making the default *not* to get an email in the first place would be even easier!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,884
2/28/10 2:12 P

If you forget to check to not receive updates, when you do get an email for updates on that feed, just delete the email. As long as you don't click through on the link in the email, you won't get any other email notifications for that.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

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2/28/10 1:06 P

Could not agree more, Default to not checked let me decide to check if I want to follow the feed. It is annoying and if you forget and just blast through than you have all the updates to delete later.... I like the feature but I do not like the default...

2/28/10 9:25 A

I agree. I love being able to see more of my friend feed - that is awesome. But I do wish that the check box for subscribing to comments on someone's feed would default to unchecked, then check if you want it instead of the other way around.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,884
2/24/10 4:59 P

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

Coach Denise

2/24/10 2:01 P

While I really and truly love the "next" so I can go through all the updates since my last posting - it has become annoying to have to remember to untick the box that automatically subscribes me - what I don't need is more emails when I am already checking all the updates daily.

One of my friends had in her status today, "doesn't like the SP change that automatically subscribes her to status comments unless she unchecks the box. It should be the other way around," and I must agree.

Is there any way to fix this please?

emoticon emoticon

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