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6/2/13 12:30 A

what ever recipe you use, reserve some of the egg to cook separately and gently fold into the fried rice right before serving. I promise you - delicious!

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5/28/13 11:08 P

Not a true "fried rice. But my family enjoys this
Microwave "fried rice"
In a large (about 8 qt.) microwave safe bowl , add 2 cups rice-I prefer Uncle Bens converted rice , 1 cup chicken broth, 1 cup water, 1 or 2 scrambled egg, about 1/2 cup frozed peas, shredded carrot, splash of soy sauce, about 1 tsp tumeric-this adds the yellow color. Cook about 10 minutes in microwave on high. Rinse thawed shrimp (cooked cubed chicken can also be used) , add to rice and stir. Cook additional 10 minutes or until rice is tender. Fluff and serve. Much less fat and calories than the traditional fried rice.In place of the water, you could use pineapple juice and add some pineapple as a complement to the shrimp in place of the peas.
If you prefer Fried, in large skillet or wok, add enough oil to cover bottom heat oil. Add rice and brown. Turn off heat. Add scrambled eggs, and ingredients listed above except shrimp. Cook as directed on rice package, adding shrimp halfway done, cover and finish cooking, fluff and serve.

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5/27/13 2:10 P

Does anyone have recipe for Shrimp fried rice ?

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