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1/18/14 9:14 P

This is very BAD TV!!!! They are going a bit overboard, aren't they?

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1/18/14 9:07 P

DH & I watched an HBO documentary late last year about parents of young sports phenoms. We couldn't believe that parents actually agreed to be filmed. Unfortunately I doubt the parents saw any harm it what they were doing.

I was a teaching assistant for the football & wrestling coach in high school. He always said that if he had sons, NO WAY would he let them play team football before jr. high. He called those kids 'walking football helmets'.

kid's sports have gone way past ridiculous. The parents are the biggest problem. They yell at the other kids, they yell at their own kids, they yell at the coaches, the refs. How can they possibly think that's FUN for a child?

I've heard a few news stories recently about little leagues that do not allow the parents to say a word if they attend the event. No cheering, no yelling, NOTHING. If they do, they are not allowed to attend any more games.

I don't think it should go so far as the 'trophy for every kid' mentality, but winning at all cost is too extreme.

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1/18/14 8:12 P

I just saw a clip of Friday Night Tykes ( a new reality show on ESQUIRE cable TV) at a football camp for the best of the best, where they show them training grade school kids


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