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4/3/14 9:40 P

Thank you all for your replies . Very helpful :) Good luck with good eats :)

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4/3/14 5:20 P

food tracker, when I have something like spaghetti. I will put in my ingredients, like salsa instead of spaghetti sauces, stirfry pepper and onion mix, etc, this way it calculates to how I make it not some stores brand sauce. that way I figure I am calculating closer to the real numbers. hope this helped. good job on all natural and fresh foods.

keep on trucking
LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,591
4/3/14 4:35 P

"With the nutrition planner to calculate foods why is it all fast foods."

It doesn't have to be... it is your choice!

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/3/14 3:44 P

Hover your mouse over it...there is an option to not show fast foods.

You can also google the nutrition content of foods if they are not listed (google nutrition peas, or nutrition Trader Joes peanut butter, or nutrition eggs), then just copy and paste.

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4/3/14 3:35 P

That's why I bought a paper back calorie counter book, old fashioned and easy to use, after you have been on your plan for awhile, you won't need it anymore, anyway. Just a thought.
Don't "overthink" this stuff, it will drive you nuts and become over obsessive.

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BLONG93 SparkPoints: (535)
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4/3/14 3:10 P

With the nutrition planner to calculate foods why is it all fast foods. I don't eat fast foods I only eat fresh and home made foods. How is one suppose to calculate correctly? I'm new here. Is there anyway to do this or a program on here that will switch the food choices?


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