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6/4/13 7:47 P

I do about 40 min full body ST sessions 3x/week. I could never imagine doing it 2x in one day because as a previous poster said, upping weights makes my arms SO tired and just washing and straightening my hair is exhausting :p

Don't be afraid of heavy weights! Fatigue should be reached in a shorter number of reps than you think.

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6/4/13 7:26 P

There are diminishing returns to adding more strength training.

ST works by creating microscopic tears in your muscle fibers, which then grow back stronger.

Once you have worked your muscles to fatigue, you have created those tears. Working them again doesn't really add much more to the process. You get about 70% of the maximum possible advantage with the 1st set, 90% with the 2nd, 95% with the 3rd, etc.

Whether you are doing it by bodyweight, machine, etc doesn't really alter this process.


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6/4/13 1:13 P

I've generally thought that when you work your muscles to failure, that's it until your next ST day. When I do my upper body strength training, once I'm done its a struggle to get my arms above my head to wash my hair because they are just so exhausted. This holds true for whatever type of ST I'm doing (usually body weight or free weights). If you feel like you can do more in the same day, maybe its time to increase your weights/modify your exercises to make them harder?

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6/4/13 1:09 P

If you lift/work to fatigue during your ST workouts (body weight exercises or weights), you shouldn't have the energy to lift again later.

If you were to do ST twice a day, it implies that you might not be working out to your full capacity. because if you did fatigue your muscles, you should be too tired to workout again later.

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6/4/13 11:41 A

Quick question that I thought of this morning when doing some push ups. When I do my ST, three times per week, I do a full body ST workout, therefore I limit it to every other day as prescribed by many experts on the subject in order to give the muscles time to recover.

My question is that, if I rest a day between workouts, can I then do more than one ST workout on the same day? Ie: body weight vs lifting vs machine?

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