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5/26/13 1:33 P

re: inviting guests over to dinner.... I understand that's not always possible. perhaps as the weather gets nicer though, you could meet for a potluck picnic in a park somewhere! Its a wonderful change of! (OK....not as cheap as a free coupon... but you can make it a LOT healthier than any restaurant food!!)

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5/26/13 12:23 P

I'm also now aware (though I was suspicious last night) that it's my TOM which doesn't make things any easier, but it might explain this constant hunger. I try to make sure all my meals consist of at least 1/2 a plate of fruit or vegetables, some protein, and sometimes I'll add in a carb- though not always. For example, my breakfast this morning was 2 egg muffins with spinach, kale, mushrooms, and feta cheese with a side of spinach, mushrooms, and kale cooked in some chipotle olive oil. Tomorrow, I'll probably have a parfait with oatmeal, greek yogurt, fruit, chia seeds, and ground nut/flax seed mixture.

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5/26/13 9:37 A

Sounds like you are like me. If I see or think about high cal/carb foods that I like but don't need I will get real hunger pangs. My stomach will growl so loudly I am sure they could hear it next door. That is why I know "intuitive" eating would not work for me at least at this point. Having abused my body with over eating for years has made it really efficient at trying to trick me into continuing to over feed it!

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5/26/13 8:59 A

There are plenty of diners. Most are terrible. Besides, none give out coupons for free meals therefore, I cannot afford them.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
5/26/13 8:57 A

I have to ask if I'm allowed to toss it in the freezer. I could get in trouble if I do that without asking permission first.

Ihop is NOT that expensive here and inviting my friend over to eat is not an option.

Why am I hungry after dinner? I don't know! I ate a healthy meal of spinach and a black bean burger with salsa and my stomach was still growling like crazy. It was one of those days when NOTHING was filling me.

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5/26/13 6:25 A

I agree. Toss the French toast into the freezer so that there is less of an urge to overindulge.

a co-worker of mine said he was going there to buy their Colorado omlette for lunch. I hadn't been in years so I looked up their menu. I was SHOCKED. $11.99 for an omlette ? !! There used to be a time when IHOP was cheap. That's why all the local college students would eat there. it was because they were open late and their prices were cheap. Well, not anymore. I couldn't believe how expensive their menu is now.

I would not pay that kind of money for that food. $12 will get me a much tastier meal at a better restaurant. Jeepers, they have a lot of nerve charging those prices. Glad you at least have a coupon. I take it there are no nice mom and pop diners where you are to get a decent meal ?

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5/26/13 12:33 A

FREEZE IT...preferably in a big block! Then when you want to invite a friend over for dinner (maybe instead of going out to IHOP) you can plan to use the calories for a wonderful French Toast Dinner!! By sharing it, you won't be overwhelmed, but you will enjoy it.

Or, if you know an older neighbor less fortunate than you, give it to them!! emoticon

Out of curiosity why are you still hungry after dinner? Although I try to space my calories fairly evenly throughout my meals/day, if one meal is bigger, its usually I still usually have "some" calories left for an evening snack. I've also been trying to be really careful about having an appropriate amount of protein and fat with each meal which lasts a bit longer......

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5/25/13 9:49 P

I'm just switching from Weight Watchers to basic calorie counting on MyFitnessPal. Over the past month, I'm down 8 pounds even with several slip-ups.

My mom is a cook at a daycare and as one of her job perks, she gets to bring home leftover food from the kitchen. This time around, she brought home two large bags of french toast. Delicious, delicious french toast.

Sweet breakfast foods, along with cake/pastries, french fries, pepperoni, and barbecue potato chips are huge trigger foods for me. I have a hard time resisting them when they're around me, and when they are in my own refrigerator looking at me when I open the fridge, it makes things even worse.

I've eaten dinner, and I'm still not only physically hungry, but my craving for this french toast is overwhelming. Still, I've never been able to resist downing multiple slices of the stuff. I've never been able to only eat one slice.Typically, I can eat close to half a dozen slices without it even making a dent in my hunger.

At the same time, I know I might be going to IHOP later this week (I have several free entree coupons and no job, so coupons are how I pay when we go out to eat). AND I have a Memorial Day/Children's Birthday party shindig on Monday. However, no matter what I try- eating a healthy dinner, drinking water, etc- I cannot ignore the fact that there is french toast in my fridge and it is driving me insane!

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