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9/9/12 1:42 P

I buy Glad containers and I am quite pleased with them. I think they do very well in the freezer.

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9/8/12 9:39 P

You can pick recipes that don't need to be reheated, like bean salads! I know your saying, but I was asking about container, well this way you don't need to get containers that are capable of going from cold to hot! Should be less expensive.

Take a look at Bean Board site, they usually have recipes you can print off.
I go from dry beans, soak them over night, batch cook them, there's more nutrition in them that way.

My fav site

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9/8/12 3:13 P

I buy freezers containers sold with canning jars & supplies. Very reasonable come in a couple sizes. Ive bought them in grocery and big box store. Just ask where canning supplies are.

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9/8/12 2:50 P

I am looking at doing more cooking-especially slow cooker meals since I work 12-13 hour days. For convenience and emergencies, I thought it would be beneficial to cook multiple servings and freeze extras in single portions (to be used as grab and go lunch options or late night dinners, etc).

What are some good, relatively inexpensive, containers that can be used for both freezing and reheating meals? They should be microwave safe and leak-proof, and they should be small enough to be used to store single portions),

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