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4/22/10 5:41 P

My friend always does this, it always turns out great. That way it marinates as it's freezing and as it thaws. I really should start, because I always wait till the last minute to pre-flavor, and it ends up being too late.

SLEEPYDEAN Posts: 1,947
4/22/10 4:35 P

I have always wanted to try it, not sure I have. But last night I pulled out frozen chicken and put it in the fridge. This morning I put marinade in (for chicken tacos tonight!). But freezing it with the marinade would give me an extra couple of minutes in the a.m. which I can always use.

The other marinade I like with chicken is orange juice, a little italian seasoning and black paper. My boyfriend gets home first, so he plops them in the oven and then they are ready by the time I get home.

LORTHOM2001 Posts: 3,676
4/22/10 4:16 P

i do it all the time, over and over and it comes out superbly! Especially when you do not have the time to wash, cut up, marinate meat after work. So on the weekend when you do grocery shopping and buy all that meat/chicken (definitely do not do this to tender little fish), then just clean your meat, put all your marinade on it (fresh ginger, garlic, onions...whatever you desire) then drop the meat in either a freezer bag or into a tightly sealed container and stick it in the freezer. When you come home one night and feel like cooking that meat, take it out, that it on "LOW TEMPERATURE" in the microwave for 2 or so minutes, then it is ready for baking or whatever recipe you need it the marinade soaked in quite a bit so there is a high flavor!

BUBBLES820 Posts: 2,596
4/22/10 3:49 P

Sounds like a great idea, I'll have to try it.

SONNYG1 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/22/10 3:48 P

Sounds like a good idea. I think I'll give it a try. Thanks for the tip.


4/22/10 3:43 P

I've never done it but it sounds like a great idea.

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (34,860)
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4/22/10 2:56 P

I do this when I come home energized from the market lol.

It helps me the next day when I am preparing meals (I usually get all the meals ready the am before going to work and hubby puts in oven)

Having the meat marinating already is great because I cut all fat and refuse off too before marinating saves LOTS of time

Just can be overwhelming if you do a large shop at a grocery store.

LORISMITH2573 Posts: 171
4/19/10 3:18 P

That's a great idea. It's no always appetizing for me to think about coming home to a frozen chicken breast, but coming home to a breast already marinated.....sounds good!

PERMAGRIN12 Posts: 987
7/30/09 10:44 A

Whenever I buy a bag of frozen chicken breast I thaw half of the bag and freeze them individually in marinades (some complex some just BBQ sauce) and then I can take out one at a time for dinner as needed. I use a foreman grill all the time.

ALEXEMMY1 Posts: 917
7/24/09 4:43 P

I've never tried it myself

SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (154,350)
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7/24/09 3:18 P

I think it is fine to do. In the city I live in there are places you can go where they have the ingredients and you put the dish togetehr. You can freeze it or eat it fresh.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
7/24/09 2:21 P

I've done it before... it works best if you use one of those handy-vac food saver type of deals that will suck the air out of the bag (just like in the commercial)...
I like making this teriyaki marinade for chicken or pork (large recipe, enough for like 10 pounds of chicken):
1 bottle soy sauce (can use low sodium version)
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tsp mustard powder (or a big squirt of prepared)
3/4 cup brown sugar
grind in some pepper

We make this all the time for parties using frozen chicken wings... I've also done it with chicken thighs for the meat... just marinade for several hours or overnight... if freezing the meat it should be fine for several months that way... you can either bake in the oven (in the marinade) or grill the meat, basting occasionally... It's a big hit!

ELLSKI85 Posts: 4,095
7/24/09 1:04 P

I've never even thought of that, but it sounds like an amazing and simplifying idea. I'm definitely going to try it. A real easy marinade that I use is:
*some ketchup
*lemon juice
*onion powder
*mustard (dried or bottled)
*minced garlic
*black pepper

It sounds strange but it's really good. Thanks for the tip!

7/24/09 12:43 P

I recently read an article about freezing chicken and beef in marinade. Has anyone tried this and how did it turn out? I am thinking on trying this with individual pieces of meat and then cooking them either on the grill or my george foreman grill for lunches and dinners...I thought it sounded like a good idea...Any suggestions? And does anyone have any good marinades? Thank You!!!

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