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I don't often freeze left-over fresh veggies other than mainly tomatoes. I just put them into a bag in the freezer as they are for cooking with later. They are dead easy to skin from frozen - just a quick bit of cold water and it splits the skin and allows it to be peeled off easily - I bulk cook casseroles (extended with loads of veges and pulses) and soups and then freeze them single serve containers. It doesn't really take any extra time at all to do this, and in fact, overall SAVES time, AND money (one lot of power/gas/cleaning up :-)

My daughter regularly freezes spinach just as it is. She has given me some bags, and so long as you use it from frozen, can't really tell the difference. Just add a LITTLE sprinkle of nutmeg to it, or some plain Greek Yoghurt.


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This link will take you to a great reference on freezing veggies (and fruits) from cooperative extension. This is for ideal, long term storage (12-18 months). If I am freezing small amounts of leftover raw veggies for usage in a soup in the next few weeks; I don't go through the blanching process. It depends on how quickly you plan to use the vegetable.

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3/3/14 6:14 P

I hate to waste fresh vegetables, but sometimes I have a hard time using them all before they go bad. I love bagged frozen veggies just fine (love the convenience of steamfresh), but I don't like the taste of frozen spinach, in particular.

Was wondering if anyone freezes fresh vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, eggplant, etc and what preparation is needed? Or can some just be put into freezer bags without cooking (like spinach) and thrown in the freezer? Tried researching but the results are overwhelming! Would help to have someone who actually has a system down. Thanks!

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