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2/9/12 8:15 A

I love onions and was aware they added sugar and since I watch my carbs I'm careful of onions, tomatoes and carrots. I forgot shallots were very similar to onions.

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2/7/12 7:03 P

All onions have some sugar - and when prepared certain ways, the sugars come out. Take a bite out of a raw onion and eat it. What does it taste like? Next, slice an onion up and fry it with cooking spray until brown in a skillet. Taste that creation - as sweet as an apple! The freeze-drying process does not cook the onion, but the chemical composition is changed.

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2/7/12 8:15 A

Bumping this up for responses.

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1/30/12 9:22 A

I saw some freeze dried shallots at Penszeys and tried them in an omelet and a soup recipe yesterday. Both foods seemed to have a sweetness not normally in them.

Do shallots add sweetness?

Or is my imagination being over-active?

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