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1/26/13 8:30 P

When fruits and veggies are freeze dried they keep 100% of their nutritional value. They also keep there natural color and taste. When fruits and veggies are dehydrated they usually only keep about 80% of there nutritional value. This is why freeze dried foods are always higher than dehydrated foods. There are a lot of other benefits too

When it comes to fruits you have to make sure you get the ones that have no added sugar. Most of the fruits have sugar added to them during the freeze drying process.

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1/26/13 7:27 P

It really depends, but it's the same as dried fruit. Some of it's full of extra sugar and what not, but the stuff that is literally just the fruit is better. Take a look at Trader Joe's...they have lots of freeze dried & dried fruits that have no sugar added.

Other thing to think about is bringing a cooler or an insulated lunchbox to work. That way you could pack a sandwich or two, fruit, veggies, etc and keep it cool all shift.

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1/26/13 5:46 P

These don't have anything added to them - the can of corn for example just says "Ingredients: Sweet Corn."

I am good about measuring my food most of the time so I don't think I'd over-eat on them, and a lot of the ones I'm interested in are the veggies, so they wouldn't be as calorie dense. I am more wondering about how the nutritive value is changed by freeze-drying, and if others have found them filling, etc.

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1/26/13 5:23 P

What does the nutrition info on them look like? I don't know much about freeze-dried, but I know dried fruits are OK, but they're really calorie dense for a small amount so it's easy to over eat on them.

As for other freeze dried foods, most of them are calorie packed as they're meant as meal replacements for people doing hiking or whatever, so burning lots of calories.

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1/26/13 4:56 P

Today my fiance and I explored a nearby "adventure store" we'd been wondering about... turns out it's a camping/hiking store with a lot of neat stuff in it, and they had a huge section of big cans of freeze-dried everything.

Since I often work 12-hour shifts at a building with no microwave/no sink outside the bathroom/no fridge and can't really leave to go get food, I have been stuck in a Subway rut, and when I'm working a lot I often don't really get the veggies/fruit I should. I'm wondering if these freeze-dried fruits/veggies could help me fit more into my diet.

What do y'all think about these options? Is munching on some crunchy freeze-dried veggies and fruits worth it nutritionally? Will I benefit from having them vs. yet again another sandwich?

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