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12/22/11 12:11 A

What kind of shape are you in? What other sports or activities do you do? Age? Size?

If you're already an athlete in good shape and you just have a few pounds to trim, follow the advice above about the official websites. If you're not very fit or athletic, think about working on the different components separately-- start strength training (including weightless/bodyweight training) to build muscle strength, look for an acrobatics or gymnastics class to learn the moves and develop flexibility, and do something like a couch-to-5K to get started on the running part.

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
12/21/11 7:36 P

Aside from what Coach Nancy mentioned, are you talking about the kind of free running that is related to, but separate from, parkour?

If so, you absolutely need to be in extremely good shape to perform that kind of free running, especially if its the acrobatic/show-off style, as compared to a more grounded, linear-based parkour style. Free-running and parkour are exceedingly dangerous if you are 1) not in shape, 2) not blessed with great coordination and 3) don't have the built up leg strength and endurance.

Free-running and parkour as awesome for fitness, but require significant amounts of skill, technique, training, safety, and endurance. I'd recommend going to American parkour's website and looking at their WOD (workout of the day) and if you can complete that with little problem, then you have a base fitness level for this kind of exercise. If not, you'd have to work up to it and then some.

If this isn't the kind of free-running you're talking about, feel free to ignore this post.

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12/21/11 6:04 P


Are you looking at running to lose weight or because you have a desire to become a runner?

While running is a great sport, our weight loss begins in the kitchen--it's watching our calorie intake and our portion size. It's tracking our nutrition.

If you do want to become a runner, SparkPeople offers a beginning running program. It is recommended that you have some form of aerobic foundation such as walking or using the elliptical for a few months.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

12/21/11 5:58 P

Hello everyone,
I am trying to lose weight (arnt we all =)) but I'm having trouble staying motivated. I have seen a few videos of "Free running" and think it would be great for me. Any idea's on how to get started doing it?

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