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NOTAGAIN_2012 Posts: 1,262
8/18/09 8:02 P

thanks for the link. I could always use something new.

RHIANNON_ SparkPoints: (19,265)
Fitness Minutes: (10,098)
Posts: 1,391
8/18/09 4:51 P

What a great link! Thank you :)

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
8/18/09 3:56 P

OH, it's so good - and the trainer is funny! He makes me laugh the way he looks at the camera...

MACLOVERR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,620)
Posts: 402
8/18/09 3:52 P

Thanks for the link!! Definitely going to try it

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
8/18/09 3:44 P

I really liked this workout a lot and completed it several times before my new InSaNiTy system arrived...

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
8/12/09 10:47 P

How funny that you posted this!!
I went on Comcast's On Demand to see if I could try something new tonight and I found this workout - and loved it! I did it 2x w/ 2lb weighted gloves and immediately wanted to post about it on here.

I absolutely loved it. Kendell has awesome energy and the workout seems almost effortless, yet I burned 660 calories in an hour - not bad at all.

It was fun and didn't feel punishing. I highly recommend checking this out.

MACKEYW SparkPoints: (16,796)
Fitness Minutes: (19,818)
Posts: 508
8/10/09 6:53 P

Thank you for sharing, Next day I do not have to time to go the gym to workout I will try this video

8/10/09 6:51 P

Extremely good . . . especially for such a short amount of time!

SUNSHINE7980 Posts: 508
8/10/09 6:46 P

Wow it sure is a good calorie burner!

8/10/09 6:15 P

The above link is to a great free 30 minute bootcamp styled workout lead by Kendell Hogan. I LOVE it. I sweat buckets when I do it and feel so invigorated afterwards. There are a bunch of other free workouts on the site as well . . . but this one is by far my fav!

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