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9/16/10 11:57 P

I try to do this once a weekend for my kids. Since my schedule is so crazy, we call it movie night. We all snuggle up together, pop popcorn, and watch a movie or two. Most of the time I'm the first one to fall asleep! But they enjoy staying up later then mom to finish the movie!

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9/14/10 10:56 A

As a mom, That's what a call an overnite at grandmas :O)

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9/14/10 9:25 A

Like that idea a lot will use with grandkids- Thanks

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9/10/10 9:27 P

We try and do the same thing. With my hubbys schedule we have a game nite and a movie night. They dont always happen but the kids love their free days!

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9/7/10 5:53 P

Very cool! I can imagine that it will create many great memories & help grow children who know how to have responsible fun! :] Thanks for sharing!

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8/23/10 3:07 P

I've been doing that sort of thing. It works wonderfully.

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8/20/10 4:40 P

This is an awesome idea! I will have to start doing this with my 4 year old daughter. I am a pretty strict Mom. I can see myself eating tomato soup every Friday night from now on. LOL

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8/6/10 11:18 P

I had the opportunity to go out tonight but I had so much to get done since the kids are at grandma's!

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8/6/10 1:15 P

That sounds wonderful!! I will probably try that w/my boys!!

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8/6/10 8:58 A

sounds interesting!

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8/5/10 12:02 P

my fridays i spend with my sister and her husband and family we play cards eat and drink but i am only allowed to drink 2 days out the week but i have 4 days off and i cant choose which 2 day i will because i plan on having a good time but staying in my guidelines

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8/4/10 11:23 P

This is such an awesome idea!! We have been struggling to find a schedule that suits everyone, but the idea of a day off from all that is foreign. By the end of the week, Hubby and I are exhausted, and still behind on everything. A day we ( and the kids) are allowed to lay back and be lazy is perfect, thank you!

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8/4/10 10:04 P

I love this idea. My two oldest boys are 6 and 4 and I feel sometimes like I am always reminding them of the rules and trying to get them to do things. A day where we can all let go would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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8/3/10 2:00 P

We did this, too! What fun!

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8/2/10 3:02 P

You must have been a WAY COOL mom!! emoticon Wish I had read your post about 18 years ago....! Too late to "institute" with my kids, but maybe I'll try it for MYSELF!??! I need a "me" day...possibly where I can let the laundry go, not cook, etc -- with NO guilt attached! Good topic of discussion with my husband tonight...! emoticon

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8/2/10 8:46 A

I love this idea. I'm pretty strict with the kiddos and and only slightly more lenient on weekends. We (okay I) try and follow a routine pretty closely. I know my son would love to have a totally free day that he could count on each week though. And sleeping on the floor is a big deal to them too for some reason!! emoticon

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8/1/10 9:05 P


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8/1/10 8:25 P

I like that idea!

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8/1/10 1:31 P

We try to do this each Saturday. Kind of like the "sabbath" concept. Love it!!

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7/31/10 5:43 P

A message from my daughter-in-law last night included a picture of her three boys enjoying "Free Friday". It brought back such memories.

The concept is simple. Friday means no chores and very few rules. Because I was strict all week, my kids looked forward to staying up late, watching lots of TV, choosing what to have for dinner (even junk food),sleeping someplace other than their beds (never understood why sleeping on the floor was so much fun for them), and doing other things that were absolutely forbidden all week. There were a few rules, of course - they still had to brush their teeth, for example.

All of my children have great memories of Free Fridays and so do I. It was a time when Mom could relax and just hang out with them. I love that they are continuing the tradition with their own children

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