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8/25/14 12:43 A

In short, slow down and control your thoughts. think to yourself logically:
"im in no danger of starving to death without this"
"Am I hungry enough to eat a salad? if not, I'm probably eating to avoid an uncomfortable emotion. Eating junk will not solve my situation and will have consequences. I have a choice."

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8/24/14 12:22 P

I found that most of the "free foods" are pretty much carb-based.... Once I started watching my carb intake due to Pre-Diabetes, it was ever so much easier to just smile and remind myself "I don't NEED that right now!"

As others have said, if its "good" food, and fits for you (nutrition, calories, budget) then don't worry about having it.

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8/24/14 11:52 A


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8/24/14 11:04 A

there is a point where free things lose their value and just become clutter. if you need something and that something is available for free, then taking it is one thing. but when it's free and you don't need it two things happen. one is that you're potentially taking that free thing from someone who actually needs it. the second is that you're cluttering your life with junk. in other words you are creating and carrying around baggage. in that sense taking free stuff that you don't need is actually taking you a step away from your goals.
if you really need the financial help that free food offers, take it. if you don't, think of what use the money spent on junk could otherwise go to if it weren't tied up in junk. say your church has donuts all the time. if not as many donuts are being eaten, then not as many donuts will be bought. if there is a food budget that's getting bigger then you could put forth the idea of getting a fruit and cheese plate instead or earmarking that money for a ministry or getting food for people who actually need it.

i'm not sure if this thought process has ever helped anyone else, but think of free food opportunities like a bathroom. in a college environment they're kind of the same. both are present more often than you really need them. so, just like you don't use every bathroom you walk past everyday, don't load your pockets from every free food table that you pass by. if you are hungry or need some food, have some, just like you would stop in at a restroom if you needed to use it. but since they are both so prevalent, use them only when you need them, not every time you see them.

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8/24/14 10:39 A

I remember those days when I tried to get the most out of 'free.' If you're able to eat regular meals elsewhere, then just try to limit your time around the free food. If you're on a strict budget and food is expensive for you, then just try to pick the healthiest of the 'free food' and keep track of your weight and the calories.

I also walked a LOT when I was in college, so that kind of environment is different from the norm. In the balance, I actually lost weight, no matter how much free food there was.

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8/24/14 8:09 A

Plan for them and/or limit the days you can do it, like at church on Sundays. And track every morsel.

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8/23/14 8:12 P

Does anyone have a trick to knuckle down on free food cravings? I'm in college and there's often food at church, in the science building, work, etc. And I naturally think "I should eat as much as I can and sneak as much out as I can" to get the most out of "free". Has anyone dealt with this being their weakness and found a good control agent?

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