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4/2/14 1:15 A

I have 3 grown children and have been helping my 2 daughters with 5 grands for the past 9 years. They are very close to being self sufficient now and I am looking forward to foster children. I feel like raising children is my calling.

3/10/14 2:51 P

We are in the process of getting licensed for foster care. I am both excited and a tad scared. We have room in our house for 3, but only car space for 1. So, unless a bigger car drops in our laps....1 is what we will get. That is probably a good thing....though the need for sibling placements is so high.

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3/21/13 3:43 P

Where I live foster children have to have their own bed.

DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,757
3/21/13 11:05 A

I would love to be a foster parent but here the guidelines are that the foster child must have their own room and we don't so that is us out. I really admire anyone who does it.

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3/19/13 10:08 P

I respect people who foster and foster right. I lived in 6 foster families as a child. I was thankful to find my mom when I was 15 in one of my foster moms. I am 32 years old and I still call her and still call her mom and she considers my daughter her grandchild. If you are a good foster parent, you will be rewarded with a loving and grateful child. I am so thankful I was put in foster care just because if I wasn't, I wouldn't have my mom.

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3/16/13 7:56 P

My DH and I were told we were unable to conceive (but we believe God is bigger than that) and in the meantime, we chose to foster. We've been fostering for 6 1/2 years.

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3/9/13 2:39 P

I have been fostering for approximately three years. It can be challenging but i love helping. Just knowing that the children have security, being food , shelter and happy. Is enough for me. I know the joy of taking care of other. God Bless you.

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2/24/13 1:53 A

My foster brother is the success story of the family.

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2/22/13 12:05 P

I thank them also because sometimes it can be very hard emotionally for all involved.

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2/22/13 12:02 P

That is a noble act and I thank all the good foster and adopting parents that have so much energy and love for ALL children.

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2/21/13 4:34 P

Hello, I am a foster and adoptive mom I have had about 60 children come through my home and I have adopted 4 children which gives me a total of 10 children.You are so right it is rewarding and can be very tiring. I like the younger children.

2/18/13 10:39 A

Just wanted to say thanks and that it's awesome that you are a Foster Parent!

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2/16/13 8:46 A

I have been a foster parent for three years. I have found this to be rewarding and tiring. I have young adult that are out on their own. I feel I have room in my home and in my heart to help. emoticon

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